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126. I'm not a Bucks fan, but build it now!
While I only passively care about what happens on the court, I nonetheless passionately, urgently and desperately request Milwaukee and Wisconsin to get its act together and build the Bucks a new arena before it's too late. Just like I preached in the mid '90s when the Brewers were semi-genuinely eying Charlotte as their new home, I'll say it again: Build it now.
127. Know the facts before jumping to conclusions of Middleton's Bucks contract
Everyone is free to make their own decision on Khris Middleton's new contract with Milwaukee. Just make sure to have all of the facts straight before jumping to any conclusions.
128. Milwaukee loses boxing legend Sam Cicerello
Brew City boxing legend Sam Cicerello died on June 28, at age 90.
129. A fable about three boys, a fancy lemonade stand and a village of dummies
Three boys went into their piggy banks and decided they wanted to build a great lemonade stand. They had a great recipe and wanted their new stand to be the pride and joy of a new village. But the new village wouldn't help them so the boys moved to another village with nicer people.
130. "Hockey, meh?" Hockey, yes!
For every reason Dave Begel says, "Hockey, Meh!" there's a reason why I was obsessed with this NHL postseason. I grew up in a town where there was no hockey. No one played it. No one watched it. All we knew was that no one playing it had teeth. We all took offense when anyone mentioned it as the fourth major sport in America.
131. Abdul-Jabbar shows fierce support for embattled white NAACP official
The woman who has lived as a black person for years and is the president of the Spokane NAACP has resigned her job after here parents outed her as being white. Former Milwaukee Bucks center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as written a fascinating column for Time Magazine on the issue.
132. Have you ever caught a foul ball?
Have you ever caught a Major League foul ball? Or more than one? And do you still have them? It's a pretty special moment, I must say. I'm not sure I'll ever do it again.
133. Jenner gets an award for courage and some controversy in the process
Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, has been named the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award by ESPN, but some have complained that Jenner is not a worthy recipient.
134. Group hosts meeting to unify soccer fans, bring a pro team to Milwaukee
On Wednesday, June 10, the Milwaukee Barons and The Milwaukee Soccer Development Group will host its first meeting at 7 p.m. in the Great Hall of Best Place, 901 W. Juneau Ave. The purpose is to unify fans behind getting a professional soccer team and to show city officials, sports fans and investors that Milwaukee is ready for one.
135. Build it now, Milwaukee
The push to a build a new $500 million sports and entertainment arena in Downtown Milwaukee along with an additional $500 million in commercial and retail development heats up this week.
136. Bucks unveil new uniforms at inaugural summer block party
The Milwaukee Bucks have unveiled their new uniforms with white, blue, green and cream colors. The uniforms were unveiled at the summer block party Saturday.
137. Let's get some athletes to throw their hats into the GOP presidential race
The Republican presidential field has everything from politicians to idle billionaires. But it's missing some athletes, and we've got slogans for the campaigns of some of them.
138. Miller Park soccer match pits Mexico's Atlas and Premier's Newcastle July 14
For the second row in a year the Milwaukee Brewers are staging a professional soccer match, with teams from England and Mexico facing off at Miller Park July 14. Tickets go on sale Thursday.
139. A high school senior ponders the future of Milwaukee and the Bucks
Joe Franke, a senior at Shorewood High School, offers his thoughts on the future of the Milwaukee Bucks and the current discussions around a new arena complex.
140. The magic of the weekday day game
The sounds are a little different inside Miller Park during a weekday day game. It's not that it's much quieter or more empty than a night game, although it's pretty easy to tell the difference. Even though the parking lots today were jam-packed, there are lots and lots of kids here. And adults who probably should be at work.
141. Badgers, Brett, bikinis fill bits and pieces of Wisconsin sports world
Odds against Wisconsin being national NCAA hoops champion are pretty strong according to a Las Vegas sports book. And the Packers pro shop has some exciting and unusual new offerings this year for Green Bay fans.
142. Lots of Packers ignored on the latest all-time best NFL players list
The list of the 50 best players of all time in the national Football League includes only three Green Bay Packers. There are a number of Packers who should be on the list, and some people on the list who should come off.
143. Washington Park courts get a "reFRESH"
Kenny "The Jet" Smith will help make a donation to the Milwaukee Urban League Young Professionals on behalf of Coors Light, to reFRESH the community basketball court at Washington Park in Milwaukee.
144. Lopsided loss to Mets raises questions about whether Brewers tossed in the towel
The Brewers lost to the Mets on Saturday and Matt Garza gave up 10 runs in just over three innings. The fact that he wasn't pulled and that all the staters sat down, raises the question of whether the Brewers gave up.
145. Adventure Rock breaks ground on East Side site next week
Adventure Rock will host a groundbreaking next Wednesday for its new East Side location on the corner of Commerce and North.
146. 6 Wisconsin athletes who are smarter than you are
Yesterday, Packers fans were delighted to watch Aaron Rodgers dominate on "Celebrity Jeopardy." Indeed, it feels nice to have a smart guy calling signals under center (in your face, Jay Cutler). But Wisconsin sports have been full of intelligent players through the years. Here are six.
147. Rodgers' win on "Jeopardy!" scores for the MACC Fund
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers became a "Jeopardy!" champion today on a special celebrity episode.
148. WGS announces Milwaukee Futsal League schedule
The first locations for the Wisconsin Futsal League Northern Conference have been selected by the Wisconsin Sports Group. University School of Milwaukee, in River Hills, will be the initial location, but other sites are expected to be announced soon.
149. Name of the Game to sell new Bucks merch
New Bucks merchandise will be available at official Bucks Pro Shop locations at Bayshore Town Center, Southridge Mall and Mayfair Mall beginning next week.
150. Bauman's "One Percent Solution" for arena heads to committee Monday
A resolution calling on the state legislature to enact a one percent sales tax in Milwaukee County to fund a new NBA arena Downtown - as well as other recreational, cultural and transit needs - will get a committee hearing on Monday, sponsor Ald. Robert Bauman said.