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126. Giannis imitates Justin Bieber during Bucks game and absolutely kills it
Unless you were in the arena for Milwaukee's humongous victory over Golden State, you didn't see the thing that was pretty much everything. It was Giannis Antetokounmpo perfectly imitating Justin Bieber in a lip-sync battle.
127. Weekend sports recap: Here's what you missed
Every Thursday, we send out the great OnMilwaukee Weekend Preview filled with awesome things to do. Some are sports-related; many are not. So every Monday, we recap what happened in the world of Wisconsin sports while you were doing all those other awesome things.
128. Freshmen review: Checking in on Henry Ellenson and Diamond Stone
Two of the best prep basketball players Wisconsin has ever produced are coming off a couple of their best college games, so we thought this would be a good time to check in with freshmen Henry Ellenson and Diamond Stone.
129. Brewers trade Adam Lind to Mariners for three pitching prospects
New Brewers GM David Stearns made his first big move at this year's Winter Meetings, trading first baseman Adam Lind to the Seattle Mariners for three pitching prospects.
130. The undefeated Warriors' visit on Saturday is must-see sports
The defending NBA Champion Warriors should roll into Milwaukee with a 24-0 record on Saturday night, and with one of the hottest players in the league, Stephen Curry, it's a must see game.
131. Aaron Rodgers and Dude Perfect unite in Milwaukee
After nailing a crazy trick shot of a Hail Mary last Thursday night, it only makes sense that Aaron Rodgers would be sought out by sports trick-shot experts Dude Perfect, who flew into Milwaukee this week to film some segments.
132. Weekend sports recap: Here's what you missed
Every Monday, we recap what happened in the world of Wisconsin sports while you were doing other awesome other things over the weekend.
133. Momentum doesn't matter, but having fun will mean more wins for Packers
Smiles abounded in the usually staid and businesslike Packers' locker room after the 27-23 divisional win at Detroit ended in extraordinary fashion. Joy matters, and having fun again will mean more wins for Green Bay.
134. Gunslinger's still got it: Brett Favre smashes plates with Jimmy Fallon
On Wednesday night, Brett Favre appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon to throw footballs and smash plates. He succeeded in not throwing an interception, announcing a retirement or bursting into tears.
135. There are officially too many bowl games
Kicking off with the AutoNation Cure Bowl on Dec. 19, this year's bowl season will feature a new high of 40 games (along with one playoff championship game) requiring 80 eligible teams to finish .500 or better. After this past weekend's action, that won't happen.
136. Why is Ryan Braun trending on Twitter?
Any time we see "Ryan Braun" trending on Twitter, we need to take a second look. Today, it's because he's in Milwaukee to take donations for the Hunger Task Force, but there are some new unsubstantiated trade rumors swirling around social media, too.
137. 8 rules to Green Bay Packers fan online etiquette
After the Packers' loss Sunday afternoon, people took to the Internet to rage. And that's totally fine and legitimate. But some of it left me sadder than Mason Crosby's kick. So here are some quick guidelines that we can hopefully follow for next Sunday to make Packer Nation a little more worthy of pride.
138. Local soccer group and brewery unite to launch Milwaukee Barons Pilsner
If you're in the Venn diagram where beer, soccer and local interests intersect, you'll want to make sure you attend the Milwaukee Barons Beer Launch to try the just-released Milwaukee Barons Pilsner.
139. Bucks new "Our City" ad spotlights civic pride
The latest Bucks video spot was released today and will begin airing locally in Milwaukee in the coming days. Titled "Our City," the ad helps to illustrate the power of basketball to connect the community,
140. Olivia Munn blasts ESPN reporter, upholds journalism
Olivia Munn, the girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers, has taken some heat because of the QB's recent poor play. On Thursday, she struck back at an ESPN reporter for including her as part of the blame.
141. Saluting Nick Bockwinkel, a bad guy in the ring and a great guy outside it
One of the last remaining celebrities of my childhood - "Wicked" Nick Bockwinkel, one of the great "heels" of wrestling taking on The Crusher on the local TV institution "All Star Wrestling" - has died, and it hurts. I am in mourning.
142. Like president, like passer? Obama says he's like Aaron Rodgers
This morning, GQ published an interview between former Grantland head and future HBO sports talking head Bill Simmons and President Obama, and one part - concerning what sports figure the current president views himself as - will catch Packer Nation's ear.
143. Ride Bublr Bikes all winter
For the first time, Bublr Bikes will be available through winter and will provide 24-hour, 365 days-a-year transit. Last year, the system shut down for winter in December and reopened mid-March.
144. Mason Crosby: Packers kicker, silver fox
Mason Crosby is the Packers' kicker and their all-time scoring leader. He also could be a pitchman for "Touch of Gray."
145. Sound smarter: A guide to saying Milwaukee's most mispronounced sports names
In honor of National Dunce Day, we offer this handy guide to pronouncing some of the hardest-to-say names in Milwaukee sports. Once you master Giannis and Wojo, you can take off the cap.
146. Brewers' 2016 fan promotions are quirky, cool for all ages
Besides the Bob Uecker Talking Alarm Clock, the Brewers' 2016 All-Fan promotions will include six new Bobbleheads, "Free-Shirt Fridays" and three unique giveaways for children, as well as Kids Eat Free Sundays.
147. "Get up, get up, get outta bed" with a Bob Uecker alarm clock next season
The Brewers have been slowly revealing next season's all-fan giveaways this past week. For the most part, they've been of the fairly standard bobblehead variety. I'm sorry, were you yawning at those free collectables? Because here's something to wake you up: a talking Bob Uecker alarm clock.
148. Saturday tailgate features Badgers, Kareem, DMC, Bucks and more
On Saturday you are invited to celebrate the Downtown region's future highlighted by a performance from hip hop icon DMC and an appearance from Bucks legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
149. Jabari Parker cleared to return, will likely make season debut Wednesday
Sooner than many expected, Jabari Parker will likely make his 2015-16 season debut for the Bucks on Wednesday in front of the home crowd.
150. Cheap seats: Despite buzz, Bucks still have NBA's third-lowest ticket price
The new energy and excitement surrounding the Milwaukee Bucks apparently hasn't yet made much of an impact on ticket prices.