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Denis Sullivan day sails provide stunning views and, if you want, sore muscles Image

Denis Sullivan day sails provide stunning views and, if you want, sore muscles

If you want the ultimate new perspective on the city, the best place to get it is on the lake. Unless you're a Lake Michigan boater, looking at the city from out on the water is a rare treat. Sailing on the S/V Denis Sullivan, which makes its summer home at Discovery World is an incomparable way to enjoy that view. But, while on board, you can also chip in some elbow grease and help the crew raise the sails.

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1 p.m. at RAM's Wustum Art Musuem, 2519 Northwestern Ave, Racine WI 53403
5 p.m. at Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts (THELMA)
6 p.m. at 10th Street Theatre, 628 N. 10th St.
6 p.m. at Historic Third Ward

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Kesslers Diamonds opens in Downtown tomorrow

The new Kesslers Diamonds store in Downtown Milwaukee opens Friday, Oct. 2, at 450 E. Mason St.  It's the first non-suburban store for the company, which operates five other diamond centers in Wisconsin, and also will open its first out-of-state store in metropolitan Grand Rapids, Mich., in November. The Downtown store occupies 2,200 square feet [...]

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Kesslers Diamonds opens in Downtown tomorrow

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10 plates of food porn
Most of us probably wouldn't really trade sex for food, which is what the term "food porn" suggests, but - at certain times and for certain meals - we might. Here are seven super sexy food photos shot at local eateries.
Best service/waitstaff
This year, we're making some improvements to our "best of dining" poll. First, we'll roll out each of the voting categories one-by-one all month long, giving you a manageable way to zero in on your favorite categories and vote for your picks. Now, it's time to vote for Milwaukee's best service/waitstaff for 2015.
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Despite a list of "gourmet" burgers featuring wild game options like ostrich, elk and bison, there are definitely better spots to get your burger on.
Pairing food and beer
As simple as it might seem on the surface, there's a lot to know about the complex product that is beer. And no one seems to know the subject better than Jeff Alworth, author of the new, encyclopedic book, "The Beer Bible." As Alworth prepares to visit Sugar Maple for an event to launch his book here, we caught up with him to ask him about his favorites and about pairing beer with food.