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1. Among the updates at Discovery World: newfound gallery space
There are a number of changes under way at Discovery World on the lakefront, including newfound exhibition space, an existing exhibit that is ballooning and changes for the Lubar Theater.
2. Several new Downtown hotels are on the rise
The hotel scene in Downtown Milwaukee, like nearly everything, is changing quickly. Here's a short list of what's up next in greater Downtown. Which ones are you most looking forward to? Chime in and check in.
3. 5 great Chicago hotels
I look for any excuse to stay in the Windy City - with my wife, with the whole family and sometimes with one kid at a time. Over the years, we've experienced quite a few hotels. Here are 5 of the best.
4. 5 annoying things about hotel rooms and how to fix them
There are always little things that keep you from reaching basic hotel room nirvana; but some are easy to fix. Here are five of the most common hotel complaints, along with suggestions to fix them.
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5. 9 late October photos to evoke a fall feeling
These photos are choice selections from my collection that suggest a fall feeling of sorts. Enjoy the season before the snow hits!
6. Condé Nast readers love The Iron Horse Hotel too
Milwaukee's Iron Horse Hotel scores a top ranking among Condé Nast readers.
7. Wisconsin's most Instagrammed spot is ...
According to, a travel company, Rock Island State Park in Door County is the most Instagrammed place in Wisconsin. I call B.S.
8. Video: A Lake Express Ferry journey
Our first stop on a long road trip east? A 15-minute drive to Bay View to board the Lake Express Ferry. The two-and-half-hour trip not only saved us navigating Chicago on a Friday morning, but was also great fun in itself. And there's definitely something to be said for arriving in Michigan ready to go with a full tank of gas.
9. UEC arch photo earns top prize in #MKEarches contest
Recently, I encouraged you to submit photos of Milwaukee arches via social media for a contest to win a prize package from Historic Milwaukee Inc. I'm pleased to report that after consulting with Stacy Swadish, executive director of Historic Milwaukee, we have a winner.
10. Iron Horse co-owner plans hotel in former Kansas City Pabst bottling plant
In a joint venture with Agman Partners, Aparium Hotels is opening its seventh independently branded, upscale hotel in 2017 in a former Pabst bottling and distribution plant at 2101-07 Central Ave. in Kansas City's Crossroads Arts District.
11. He likes Chicago, but loves Milwaukee
Last weekend Visit Milwaukee hosted Jun Song, one of the most prominent travel bloggers in China, along with a rep from Brand USA, a destination marketing organization. The results are still coming, but he seems to have loved Milwaukee.
12. Streets of Old Milwaukee closes Aug. 3 for renovations
The Milwaukee Public Museum's (MPM) beloved exhibit the Streets of Old Milwaukee (Streets) will close temporarily on Aug. 3 to be reimagined and renovated in celebration of its 50th anniversary.
13. $8 million renovation of Holiday Inn Milwaukee Riverfront complete
A ribbon cutting and celebration on June 25 marked the completion of a massive renovation of the Holiday Inn in Glendale.
14. AmEx loves Milwaukee summers
We live for our summers. So, it comes as no surprise to us - or you either - that Milwaukee is a top destination for summer travel within the United States.
15. 2014 numbers show Milwaukee tourism revenue growth
According to new data released this morning by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, the greater Milwaukee area saw significant growth in tourism revenue last year.
16. 8 aerial views of Milwaukee
Every now and I again, I come across the photos I took the day I flew an airplane. Now, I make no claim on being either an airplane pilot or a great photographer, but the combination of dabbling in those things resulted in some decent aerial photos of the city, some of which made it into the original story. When I stumbled across them today, I decided to share them here, along with some great advice I received that day from my instruction ... "don't drop the camera out the window."
17. Washington Post toasts Milwaukee "beyond the beer and brats"
The April 3rd Travel Section on includes the feature story titled "Venturing beyond the beer and brats in Milwaukee."
18. 7 less obvious reasons I love Brewers Spring Training
My 18th annual Brewers Spring Training trip is now complete, and I'm back in chilly Milwaukee, which actually feels a little better after a few days under the beating hot sun of the desert. This trip was a good one. A really good one. New experiences, old friends and lots and lots of baseball. But you probably know about all that if you read my blog entries this week.
19. Getaway day: behind the scenes, behind the plate
When I left off yesterday, I was feeling tan, rested and ready for baseball, and we made the 30-minute drive from Talking Stick Resort to Peoria Stadium a little before noon. Brewers fans were out in force for the game against the Padres. St. Patty's Day revelry was in full effect.
20. The off day: St. Patrick's Day Eve in Scottsdale
I've said this before, but sometimes Spring Training feels a lot like the movie "Groundhog Day." Events, games and trips tend to run together, because with only a few variations, you're basically doing the same thing every day (and of course, that's a very good thing). But yesterday, we did something that we've only done one other time in 18 years: we didn't go to a Brewers game.
21. Back in the swing of things
When you've been awake for 24 consecutive hours, due to an early flight, a time change and the excitement of an 18th consecutive Spring Training trip to Arizona, it's understandable to make a few bad decisions. Fortunately, the only one I regret is that humungous carne asada burrito from Filiberto's at 2 a.m. Mountain Standard Time, before collapsing into a few hours of sleep at the Talking Stick Resort here in Scottsdale.
22. My personal travel hell
There are some things that no human, no matter how much grace, patience or tolerance they possess can abide. There are some things that get the goat of even the Mother Theresa of airline passengers.
23. 4 Marcus Hotels & Resorts' properties nab AAA Four Diamond Award
Marcus Hotels & Resorts, a division of The Marcus Corporation announced today that four of its owned and managed properties have again received the AAA Four Diamond Award rating in 2015. Less than four percent of 58,000 AAA-approved hotels and restaurants receive this rating.
24. Psst ... hey, buddy, wanna buy a haunted hotel?
As you might imagine, all manner of press releases, pitches and other emails land on my desktop. This is one of the most intriguing yet...
25. Bay View B&B almost ready for business
The Muse Guesthouse - an art gallery and bed and breakfast - will soon open in Bay View at 2268 S. Winchester St.