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51. Ross Lodge ... who knew?
I don't pretend to know everything about this town, but after more than 30 years here, I admit I was a little surprised I'd never heard of Ross Lodge before yesterday.
52. The triumphant return of the baseball trip
Between graduating and moving and interning and job hunting and occasionally sleeping - eating was off the table - last summer was pretty eventful. But oddly enough, something was missing, one of my fondest family rituals. Something had fallen through the cracks. Lost in all the hubbub was the Mueller boys' annual baseball trip.
53. On new Milwaukee friends, brats and drinking
Making friends in a new town can be difficult. I am not saying Milwaukeeans are standoffish but they definitely run in cliques. Breaking into one of these social circles can be difficult but once you're in, you're in. And, it usually involves brats, beer and more.
54. First look: Potawatomi's new (and still under-construction) hotel
Earlier today, toured the still-under-construction Potawatomi Bingo Casino hotel. Here's a sneak peek.
55. My first Milwaukee spring
I'm a (fried) fish out of water, so I'm ready for the spring season in Milwaukee. But, I can't help but think summer.
56. (Fried) Fish out of water, from NYC to MKE
I have been given the great honor to share with you my stories about moving from Manhattan's Lower East Side to Milwaukee's Bay View. Each blog will cover something new and exciting to me about Milwaukee - fish fries, supper clubs, tailgating at Brewers games, local characters and everything else that makes this city great.
57. 5 popular spots to snap a Milwaukee photo
Have you taken your photo, or someone else's photo, in any of these places? We're willing to bet that you have.
58. Until next time, Arizona
And just like that, the trip is over. The one that I spend 360 days a year daydreaming about. The one that almost didn't happen. On one hand, it feels like we just got here. On the other hand, when I look at myself in the mirror right now, it feels like I've been here for a month.
59. Scottsdale sizzle
When I last left off, it was Saturday night in the desert and we were starving. After a little pool time at the Camelback Inn, we headed to Old Town Scottsdale to see what awaited us.
60. Hank brightens already sunny Arizona days
When I left off last night, we were heading out to dinner, our first actual meal of this year's spring training trip. It's really been a great 24 hours in the Valley of the Sun, and we're all now in full-on Cactus League mode.
61. Cactus rookie
The first day of our trip saw me leave Washington, D.C. and its never ending polar vortex cycle, only to touch down in sunny Phoenix, Arizona where I felt a sunny 88 degrees burn my pasty skin.
62. Hope, once again, springs warmly eternal
After 15 years of consecutive Brewers spring training trips, this one almost didn't happen. My tradition of fleeing the Milwaukee winter and heading to Arizona to watch the Crew tune up for the regular season pre-dates the creation of by one month. It's a working vacation that I cherish, a time for rejuvenation and renewal when I hear that first crack of the bat.
63. Talking tourism, conventions, hotels and more
As a follow up to last week's "Hotel Week" feature, I reached out to the leadership at Visit Milwaukee to get additional flavor on our city's tourism market, capacity and future.
64. Some hotels offer a view onto history
There are hotels that occupy purpose-built structures, like The Pfister. And there are hotels that are created in the shells of buildings erected for other purposes, like the Hampton Inn on West Wisconsin Avenue, which occupies a converted office building. Over the years, I've stayed in both. A few of the latter kind of hotel have remained planted firmly in my memory. Here are some of them.
65. Were you a hotel kid?
Growing up in the Tanzilo household was perfect practice for being in a working band. We never flew - always drove - when we'd visit family in North Carolina or Milwaukee. And we never stayed in hotels.
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66. Hotels rooms: love 'em or hate 'em?
Why do I hear so many people complain about hotels? People who don't sleep well in them. Or they're too loud. Or they're afraid they'll get bed bugs. Or they can't wait to get back home. Or they don't like living out of suitcases.
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67. From Sybaris to serial killers: storied hotels I've stayed in
Because it's Hotel Week on this week, senior writer Molly Snyder revisits some of her favorite hotel-related articles from the past.
68. This is the ONE thing you should do in Wisconsin?
It's a tall task to pick just one thing to do in each state, and not too much different than trying to pick your favorite child. Nonetheless, HuffPost did it and the answers vary from parks to places and foods to festivals. What did the editors pick for our wonderful state? Read on.
69. A peek inside the Potawatomi Hotel
Earlier this week, Potawatomi Bingo Casino invited the media in to see mock hotel rooms it has set up in the Menomonee Valley building that houses Zimmerman Design. The rooms offer a peek at how the casino's 18-story, 381-room hotel will look when it opens in autumn.
70. New York Times toasts Walker's Point
The New York Times reporter Elaine Glusac has a feature today about Milwaukee's Walker's Point neighborhood. It's titled," In Milwaukee, a District for a Bite or a Brew."
71. How do you vacation?
What's your plan for actually unplugging, slowing down and recharging on vacation? I really want to know.
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72. Jetsetter is latest to highlight Milwaukee
Jetsetter, "a community of travelers that provides members with insider access, expert knowledge and exclusive deals on the world's greatest vacations," has released its "Where to go in 2014" list. And, Milwaukee's on it!
73. New exhibit brings the open road to the Harley-Davidson Museum
On Jan. 17, the Harley-Davidson Museum will open a new exhibit entitled "Living Lost: Photographs by Josh Kurpius."
74. Milwaukee is top spot for family destinations in 2014
Milwaukee has been named the best destination for children and their families, according to ABC Travel Guides for Kids, a producer and publisher of all-in-one alphabet, activity and souvenir guides designed for kids.
75. Mitchell International Airport installing new charging stations
General Mitchell International Airport is in the process of installing 60 new charging stations throughout the gate-area seating for use by travelers.