By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 01, 2014 at 12:07 AM

Downtown residents and civic leaders thought they had a moral crisis on their hands when Silk Exotic applied for a license for a strip club on Water Street.

But, depending on who you talk to, either they should’ve been grateful for that proposal's restraint – or the approval let the genie out of the bottle. Because the cabaret application for the new location of Heartbreakers II is turning heads and G-strings all over Milwaukee.

Silk made a point to emphasize that from the street, its proposed club would show nothing unsavory, and that inside the bar, nothing illegal would take place, either.

Heartbreakers, however, is disposing with such pleasantries.

Its application for a new club to be located at 241 E. Kilbourn Ave. calls for fully nude dancing women on pedestals, visible from street level through filmy glass windows, not unlike what one sees in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. This would be in conjunction with blaring heavy metal music from outdoor speakers, with strippers handing out half-off coupons for escorts to anyone who passes.

But that’s not all. Inside, Heartbreakers' application requests the ability to sell hard drugs, including "methamphetamine, roofies and ‘meow meow’" which is apparently a new designer drug just hitting the streets.

The club would also feature a section for devil worship, an S&M shop and an annual party that reveals to children that Santa Claus isn’t real.

"And you’d better believe there will be sex," said William Conrad, attorney for Heartbreakers II. "Lots and lots of unprotected sex."

Neighbors, not surprisingly, are stunned.

"Wow, just wow," said a woozy Betty Lemmer, a vocal opponent of gentlemen’s clubs and a parishioner at the neighboring First Methodist Church, 239 E. Wells St.

"I’m almost thinking that the Silk application wasn’t so bad, in retrospect," she said, passing out.

Some City officials have vowed to kill the application.

"I will go to the ends of the Earth, making it my life’s mission, to deny this club a cabaret license," said Ald. Bob Donovan. "At least when I am done loudly insulting the mayor and the police chief, which will probably be never."

"Also, why aren’t there any men strippers proposed for this club?" asked Donovan. In 1992, Donovan was cited for disorderly conduct for an incident at UW-Milwaukee, where the arresting officer said Donovan was peeking through a partition hole in the men’s restroom to view other men.

For its part, Conrad said his client is really just being transparent with the City.

"Look, our critics think that all sorts of bad stuff happens inside a strip club, but most of them have never even set foot inside of one. We’re tired of defending ourselves against baseless accusations, so we’re done fighting. If people expect and want vice, we’ll give them that."

"Lots and lots of hot, sweaty vice," he said. "With glitter."

Heartbreakers’ first cabaret license hearing will take place April 7 at City Hall. Neighbors are encouraged to attend, swoon and cry. Dancers Infiniti and Triniti will be on hand to give out T-shirts and tequila to the club’s supporters.

Tarzana could not be reached for comment.