By OnMilwaukee Staff Writers   Published Apr 01, 2019 at 11:02 AM

If you like your dessert dished up with a healthy dose of euphoria, you're going to love what they'll be scooping out later this year at Kopp’s Frozen Custard.

According to news released today, the local custard company has announced plans for a new CBD-infused hemp-based custard later this summer.

The flavor of the dairy-free custard is still under wraps, but we know that it will be made with a base of ultra-rich grade A organic hemp milk and infused with a proprietary CBD oil blend that will not only enhance the creaminess of the custard but also the mood of the person who enjoys it.

"To be blunt, custard has been a proven mood lifter for decades now," says owner Karl Kopp, "so we’re simply capitalizing on that with a product that has the potential to help people relax, get better sleep and enjoy both life and 1970s psychedelic rock just a little bit more. The fact that it’s also dairy-free means that even more people can enjoy it."

The hemp custard was a joint effort between Kopp’s, who developed the recipe for hemp-milk custard, and CBD Therapeutics of WI, who oversaw the sourcing for both the hemp seeds and flower buds used in the CBD extraction process.

"Kopp’s is proving to be a real trail-blazer in the growing CBD edibles trend sweeping cities across Wisconsin," says State Sen. Patrick Testin of the collaboration, noting that it’s an admirable example of the advancement of the pharm to table movement.

"We’ve been in the weeds on this product launch for a while now," says Kopp, "but we knew it would be smart to move quickly to really take advantage of this budding industry."

In fact, Kopp says he believes the cones sold at Kopp’s will be the first CBD-infused frozen custard sold anywhere in the country.

"I can't believe we beat Ben and Jerry on this one," he said proudly.

When we asked a number of area residents how they felt about the new CBD custard offering, sentiments were mixed. Some folks expressed excitement.

"I’m so totally stoked," says Emily Green, a Wisconsin native and longtime vegan who says the opportunity to eat custard for the first time is going to mark a real high point in her life. "I’m going to need that jolt of CBD oil to calm me down. Also, think we'll be able to get magic mushrooms on our Kopp's burgers any time soon? Asking for a friend."

Others were slightly more skeptical.

"I dunno about all this," remarked Kopp’s regular, Bud Stoner, "I think it’s kind of a joke to make all those radical claims about mood enhancement and better sleep. After all, you can’t spell health care without THC."