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Trenni Kusnierek

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Trenni Kusnierek is a sports reporter and radio host who has worked for networks such as ABC, Big Ten, MLB, and NFL. She is currently on 540 ESPN in Milwaukee on both the D-List and Broad Side. Kusnierek is also freelance writing and reporting until January, when she will leave on a service trip to India.

A graduate of Marquette University, she holds a degree in Broadcast and Electronic Journalism. An avid marathon runner, Kusnierek qualified for the 2010 Boston Marathon by running a 3:37:02 at the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee.

Recent Articles
 Travel & Visitors Guide - February 16, 2011
 Life changing or time to change your life?
 Since returning from India a little more than two weeks ago, I;ve been asked a common question, "Was your experience life changing?" The simple answer is yes.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - January 24, 2011
 Bollywood, "Delhi belly" and the Taj Mahal
 Realizations and true emotions can arise at the strangest of times. For me it was in a cramped bus seat on a bumpy, dusty road en route to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - January 21, 2011
 Yes, you can
 Here is a person -- me -- who for years couldn't handle a sleepover, let alone a trip halfway around the world, yet now I'm visiting my third continent.  In short, fear is all in your head.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - January 19, 2011
 Shanti, Shanti, Om
 "Indians are not afraid to die." Those were the not-so-comforting words I heard from our driver as we were playing chicken with oncoming traffic during a six hour drive north from Delhi.  I took that moment to remind him that Americans have not quite mastered the "live each moment like it's your last" mentality.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - January 18, 2011
 Building a bond
 It is easy to feel overwhelmed in Delhi. In a city of nearly 13 million people, sensory overload is the norm, quiet is the exception. No matter how many times I have driven down the same street, or walked through the same market, something new always catches my eye. Maybe it is the reporter in me, but I can't help but try and take in every little detail.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - January 11, 2011
 Welcome to Delhi
 I found it odd that leading up to my trip to India, I never really felt scared or overwhelmed.  I lost a little sleep a week prior to my departure, but for the most part I was remarkably calm considering the unknown circumstances.  Until I sat in the Munich airport waiting for my connecting flight to Delhi.  That is when the tears started to flow.
 Travel & Visitors Guide - January 6, 2011
 Off to India!
 After so much planning and anticipation, it is still hard to grasp the concept that I'll be living in India for the next three weeks. Despite months of plans and preparations, nothing will completely get me ready for the culture shock I'm about to experience.
 Living - November 1, 2010
 Athletes get NEWD for MS
 This Thursday we will host "Athletes Get NEWD for MS" at MOCT, 240 E. Pittsburgh Ave. It's a fashion show that will feature casual wear from the NEWD line and Live the Dream, as well as running clothes from local athletic outfitters. The event runs from 5 to 10 p.m. and is free, but donations are accepted and encouraged.
 Buzz - August 4, 2010
 In tough times, food pantry donors are now clients
 What you don't realize when chatting about the weather or debating the Packers' chances of winning the Super Bowl with neighbors or friends is that when you sit down to dinner in your home, these same families may be utilizing one of Milwaukee's nearly 100 food pantries, meal programs or homeless shelters.
 Living - July 29, 2010
 Bad connections
 The onset of social networking, particularly Facebook and Twitter, has allowed the average person to have hundreds, often thousands, of "friends." It has provided the opportunity to build "relationships" most never thought possible.

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