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Phil is a Milwaukee guy. He was born and raised in Milwaukee, a graduate of UW-Milwaukee in 1982. He first took to the airwaves in the Milwaukee market in the fall of 1978 when he began attending classes at UWM.

Married to Sandy, another Milwaukeean. No children but a Cairn terrier named Gabby. (Phil is very active with the Wisconsin Humane Society).

Phil has made a connection with the people of this area through his decades of reaching out to them via the radio while talking about the events and news stories that affect the entire community. That connection is reflected in the hundreds of e-mails and blog comments that have been sent or posted in support of his next project, the PhilCast podcast.

Recent Articles
 Marketplace - June 16, 2010
 Kickin' it, soccer style, for 40 years
 World Cup fever is in the air, if you can hear it over the constant buzz of what they call in South Africa the "vuvuzela," that annoying horn fans blow during the World Cup soccer games.
 Buzz - March 30, 2010
 Remembering Reagan's assassination attempt
 Twenty-nine years ago, John Hinkley opened fire on President Ronald Reagan. Phil Cianciola looks back at that day and reflects on Reagan's presidency and life in today's PhilCast.
 Dining - March 23, 2010
 Unemployed? Open a restaurant
 After 13 months of not finding work, Nora Barton created a job for herself.
 Sports - February 12, 2010
 Vintage Kristi Yamaguchi
 For an old winter hater like me watching the Olympic competition every night on TV helps get me one step closer to spring. Heck I was chanting, "USA, USA" at the end of my PhilCast podcast show today. I'm psyched.
 Sports - December 28, 2009
 Tosa biker joins Armstrong's cycling team
 Mathew Busche finds himself wondering at times if it is all really happening to him. Last year, Busche was based in Wauwatosa, and he was perfectly happy competing in the area. But now at the age of 24, this Tosa resident has hit the big time, with dreams of racing in the Tour de France alongside Lance Armstrong.

Recent Podcasts
Talk Radio - October 10, 2011
 "Pack Yak" Packers beat Falcons
Phil Cianciola an Rich Ratay chat with listeners as they break down the Packers' latest win over the Falcons.
Length: 00:44:40
Talk Radio - October 7, 2011
 PhilCast lovefest
Listeners call in and write in to wish Phil and the show well as it is about to go back onto the airwaves at NewsTalk 1150 WHBY in Appleton, Wisconsin. "The Biggest Name in Cities Radio" answers questions from the PhilCast Family about making the change.
Length: 01:49:12
Talk Radio - October 6, 2011
 PhilCast #500 goes down memory lane
This is the 500th PhilCast show, as the PhilCast is about to turn two years old on October 15th. Today, hear an interview with Dick Alpert and listen to a re-podcast of the original PhilCast that was first posted on Oct. 15th, 2009.
Length: 00:37:57
Talk Radio - October 5, 2011
 The Big PhilCast Announcement!
Listen in today to hear an announcement and interview all about the future of Phil Cianciola and the PhilCast.
Length: 00:22:20
Talk Radio - October 4, 2011
 Hank Williams gets the football boot
On the Tuesday PhilCast Phil talks about Hank Williams Jr. being dumped from the start of Monday Night Football. We were ready for some football but Hank's comments about the president meant Mr. Williams was NOT! And Phil announces an announcement is coming about the PhilCast's future on tomorrow's show.
Length: 00:45:30
Talk Radio - October 3, 2011
 "Pack Yak" Packers beat Broncos
Both Phil and Rich bask in the glow of a crazy-awesome Wisconsin sports weekend. And one Packer player cleans up on PhilCast awards (Nope, not A-Rod either!)
Length: 01:02:32
Talk Radio - September 30, 2011
 Prince Fielder a Chicago Cub?
On the eve of what is shaping up to be one of the greatest sports weekends in Wisconsin history, Phil asks the following question on the show; If Prince Fielder goes to the Cubs, is that like Favre going to the Vikings? Also today, the Onion's latest prank...right or wrong of them? Go BREWERS. Go BADGERS. Go PACKERS. (and there's an NBA lockout, right?)
Length: 01:07:30
Talk Radio - September 29, 2011
 Trouble for Ashton Kutcher
Lips LaBelle joins Phil today for the "Thursday Nosh With Lips", as he brings Hollywood news and gossip, including marital woes and trouble on the set of Two and a Half Men for Ashton Kutcher. And PhilCast Phorecaster Craig Koplien has his playoff prediction for the Milwaukee Brewers today as well.
Length: 00:55:55
Talk Radio - September 28, 2011
 Foamation Inc. fights on
On the Wednesday PhilCast Phil has breaking news regarding Foamation Inc. and its fight against the Grim Reaper cheesehead billboard. New developments also include a possible counter-billboard involving the PhilCast and a Milwaukee restaurant! Also on the show today, new Rock And Roll Hall of Fame 2011 nominees and Phil's vote for the cream of the crop this year.
Length: 00:50:45
Talk Radio - September 27, 2011
 The "Grim Cheeser" billboard
On the Tuesday PhilCast Phil talks about what he calls the "Grim Cheeser" billboard controversy and has an idea for the makers of the famous cheesehead featured in the ad. In his "Who Does That?" segment Phil has the story of the guy who stole a guitar from the dead. And ladies, you're asked, "What is it about Ashton Kutcher anyway?"
Length: 00:56:05