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Katie Klein

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Some may call her a digital wizardess. Others may call her a bolt of snark ready to strike. But we like to call her Katie. All ninjas must have a day job, and hers is with advertising agency Boelter + Lincoln in the Third Ward. As "BootyP," her wit, criticism and comedic banter have lit up the Twitter world in Milwaukee - and now she's attacking the blogosphere. Her faithful followers know her no-BS approach to most any topic.

Her snarky-yet professional personality makes her a must-read, must-know person in this city. You can find her 14,500 feet in the air, or walking down the street in a pair of stilettos with a yoga mat strapped to her back.

Want to bribe Katie? Best to deliver massive quantities of Diet Coke, candy (gummy candy more specifically), tea and music her way.

Recent Articles
 Kids & Family - September 12, 2012
 Nothing is impossible
 The day started out like any other. And then my email notification popped up. Team Paxton began that day, and now we want you to join the fight.
 Living - July 13, 2012
 Rogue facial hair and "stupid charges"
 Recently while getting my hair cut, I had some pretty hysterical conversations. The kind of verbal exchanges that leave you needing to whiz in your drawers, give you a belly ache from a much-needed laughing fit, or allow you to voice a hearty "hell yes" out loud.
 Living - May 3, 2012
 From Katie, with love
 For once, I'm going to try and keep this post short. Let's see how this goes, shall we? Two words, from me to you - yes, all of you. Thank you.
 Living - April 11, 2012
 What will your online legacy be?
 As I stare at my empty mug, I think about legacies. Recent events like the fall from grace (and eventual death of) JoePa - and the contributions that social media had during the turmoil - lead me to wonder how the participation (or lack thereof) in social networks will factor into one's legacy, either on a personal level or even from a branding perspective.
 Living - April 2, 2012
 Learn to walk before you run
 Not only has spring officially sprung, it's also t-minus one month or so until a new eager crop of fresh-eyed college graduates enter the workforce. I welcome you youngins'; congratulations on graduating and beginning the next chapter of your professional life. HOWEVER. This blog post is for you. Take what I'm about to say to heart.
 Living - March 20, 2012
 Shelve the shop talk
 It's not every day that I wish I were a man. I enjoy being a female, albeit a nice, balanced blend of tough chick and feminine lady. But today, man, it would have been nice to be a dude.
 Living - February 28, 2012
 What's behind door No. 2?
 This is an open letter to all businesses (restaurants, retail shops, etc.) in the Milwaukee area that provide a restroom for their patrons. Clean them. Frequently.
 Living - February 15, 2012
 Manners. Mind them.
 At some point in our lives (hopefully), we were schooled on the importance of minding our manners and the appropriateness of etiquette in our daily interactions with people. During this time, we regularly said please and thank you, treated others how we want to be treated, waited for someone to finish before speaking and acted inconspicuously and politely if recognizing someone out in public we had met previously. ...And then came social networking.
 Living - February 4, 2012
 What's your breaking point?
 Everyone has a breaking point. You know, the point at which we have to sit down, throw in the proverbial (and often temporary) white towel and say to hell with it ... for now.
 Marketplace - January 24, 2012
 An observation and a reminder
 For more than a few years now, I've been secretly and not-so-secretly monitoring how brands, restaurants and companies have been using their social identities as customer relationship tools. It never ceases to amaze me the lack of effort that is put into a very easy avenue for communicating with customers.

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