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John Mumper

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John Mumper is married with two young daughters. He was born in Wisconsin and grew up on various types of farms throughout the state. John was educated at UW-Whitewater with degrees in Political Science and History and has traveled extensively throughout the world.

Today, he works closely with various types and sizes of manufacturers and building products suppliers as an outside salesman. In his spare time, he enjoys the Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers, politics and brewing his own powerful beers. 

Recent Articles
 Sports - March 9, 2017
 Take a swing at Rock League Baseball
 Another season of Rock League Baseball kicks off Saturday, March 11, with open tryouts in four divisions of adult wooden bat baseball leagues. And there are plenty of reasons to play: competition, exercise, camaraderie or just a love of baseball.
 Buzz - February 6, 2017
 Hard rights are the best rights
 If we desire to have a future America where rights are subjective-free and will still apply equally to all, then you must support all rights for all Americans - even the ones you strongly are personally against, like Richard Spencer.
 Buzz - January 11, 2017
 The return of the political whistle swallowers
 Sports may be the birthplace of the phrase "swallowing their whistles," but it's far from the only place where it happens. After an eight year hiatus, critics of presidential politics are beginning to make their triumphant return to the arena.
 Buzz - January 4, 2017
 The no-fault Congress
 Despite walking back its plan to curtail the power of The Congressional Ethics Office, Congress was squarely blamed for its actions. I am here to convince you that the fault for this action is entirely misplaced. Congress isn't to blame; we are.
 Buzz - December 8, 2016
 The Cream City conundrum
 Now that the initial emotion from the Aug. 13 shooting of Sylville Smith by police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown has subsided, it's time to take a look at some of the fiery rhetoric uttered that night - and look at the facts about life in Milwaukee.
 Buzz - November 17, 2016
 Politics is not a team sport
 American politics has moved from working together to benefit all involved to becoming a team sport, creating a distinct set of winners and losers - a trend that many founding fathers warned about excessively.
 Living - May 6, 2016
 When #NeverTrump means "never Trump"
 Consider this John Mumper's official endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president. He certainly didn't think it would come to this. Endorse Hillary? What on Earth? A vote for a third-party choice isn't going to be enough repudiation of Trump conservatism.
 Living - January 15, 2014
 Everybody is a bigot
 2013 was the year of the bigot. There were many examples of alleged media fueled bigotry. The most famous were from celebrities such as Paula Deen, Alec Baldwin and Phil Robertson. However, there were millions and millions of less publicized examples throughout the country last year.
 Sports - November 15, 2013
 An open letter to Mark Attanasio
 I'd like to first start by thanking you for your investment in Milwaukee baseball. I'm old enough to remember the glory days, as well as the dry spell that came afterwards. As a diehard baseball fan, I appreciate all you have done to return Brewers baseball to respectability. It's with the goal of keeping the Brewers relevant in the long term that I write this letter.
 Living - November 3, 2013
 Using regionalism to mask failure
 I was intrigued for several reasons by the recent comments from Democratic candidate for governor, Mary Burke. Most surprising was her courage in finally taking a stance on any topic related to Wisconsin politics. However, it was her comments about education, and her trust in mother government, that got my attention.

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