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Steve Haywood

Steve Haywood is the host of “That Being Said,” which airs weeknights at 6 p.m. on Milwaukee’s ESPN Radio 1510 Days / 1290 Nights. A lifelong Milwaukee resident, Steve has been working on the radio since 1996 and also is executive producer of Sports Perspectives on MATA Community Media.

After graduating from Milwaukee Tech High School in 1985, Haywood attended college at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where he graduated in 1991.

He has covered a number of major events, including the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 2002 and the NBA All-Star Game in 2003.

Haywood, 39, is married with two kids, a dumb cat and a dog described as a “real curmudgeon.”

Recent Articles
 Sports - April 8, 2010
 Bucks fans should stop being mad at Redd
 In what should be a happy time, many Bucks fans can't get over their anger about Michael Redd and his injury, salary and ability. Steve Haywood says "Get over it."
 Sports - December 4, 2008
 Area basketball players drive to the top of the NBA
 A quick spin through NBA TV shows that the Milwaukee area is an underestimated as a basketball hotbed. An upcoming prep tournament could showcase some future stars.
 Sports - August 28, 2008
 Barbershop talk centers on baseball cards, race card
 The elders at Ronnie's Barber Shop still question the Brewers' motives in building a winner.
 Sports - August 10, 2008
 Brewers' Weeks will prove the doubters wrong
 Second baseman Rickie Weeks has been a lightning rod for Brewers fans, but he has the talent and work ethic to prove naysayers wrong.
 Sports - June 26, 2008
 NBA Draft represents fresh start after Finals
 The Finals mark the end of the NBA season. The Draft, slated for tonight, can mean a new beginning for teams.
 Sports - June 11, 2008
 Celtics snapped to attention in Game 3
 The NBA Finals is a grown-man business, and the Celtics better keep their eyes on the ultimate prize.
 Sports - May 14, 2008
 Top college athletes deserve a piece of the pie
 At the highest level, college athletics is the most immoral, hypocritical, self-serving business in this country. That being said, I will make my point clearly so there is no confusion.
 Sports - May 13, 2008
 Whitlock pitches a shutout and other thoughts
 I reached out to Jason Whitlock to do my show because he is a national columnist, author and man of color who takes controversial stands on a number of topics including race, ethics and general behavior in the world of sports.
 Sports - May 10, 2008
 A day at the ballpark
 Well, I finally went to Miller Park to see the 2008 Brew Crew in person. I have come to enjoy coming watching the moving parts and organized chaos of batting practice.
 Sports - April 13, 2008
 New hope for the Bucks
 Steve Haywood chimes in on the Bucks' new GM, the NBA Playoffs, the Brewers' mini-slump and an "average" Tiger Woods.

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