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Steve Jagler

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Steve Jagler is executive editor of BizTimes in Milwaukee and is past president of the Milwaukee Press Club. BizTimes provides news and operational insight for the owners and managers of privately held companies throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Steve has won several journalism awards as a reporter, a columnist and an editor. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

When he is not pursuing the news, Steve enjoys spending time with his wife, Kristi, and their two sons, Justin and James. Steve can be reached at

Recent Articles
 Marketplace - April 22, 2015
 Business confidence is on the rise
 Several jaws dropped and eyebrows rose in January when BizTimes predicted a robust year of national economic growth for 2015. Well, we're at the quarter pole, and so far, so good.
 Sports - April 8, 2015
 Bucks assemble a vibrant business team
 Under new ownership, the Milwaukee Bucks made significant strides by building a young pool of talent on the court this season. However, the organization also has quickly assembled an impressive pool of young talent off the court in the front office.
 Buzz - March 25, 2015
 State economic policies have consequences
 By virtually every measure, Minnesota is taking Wisconsin's lunch money, according to a recent study by the LaCrosse Tribune, which lies right at the border.
 Buzz - March 11, 2015
 Invest in Milwaukee's future
 In his Feb. 23 column for the BizTimes, Steve Jagler observed that each time a project is proposed to propel the city forward, someone or something seems to pop up and attempts to stop it. Judging from the feedback Steve Jagler received in response to his piece, many readers feel the same way.
 Buzz - February 9, 2015
 Let's get out of our own way
 Since 1851, Wisconsin's state motto has been "Forward." However, these days, a more appropriate motto might be "Just hold on a minute..."
 Buzz - January 14, 2015
 These political decisions will have major consequences
 If it seems like so many public policy decisions are hanging fire in Wisconsin these days, it's only because they are. And so many of these loose ends seem to be intertwined and interdependent.
 Buzz - December 23, 2014
 Cincinnati's familiar streetcar saga
 As the legal slog to develop a new streetcar system in Downtown Milwaukee continues to play out in court, in City Hall and at the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, proponents and opponents alike would do well to keep an eye on Cincinnati.
 Buzz - December 2, 2014
 Hall brings stability to WEDC
 If asked to return for another term as secretary and chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., Reed Hall says he would be honored to serve again.
 Buzz - November 14, 2014
 Replace Downtown post office with new arena
 In recent years, the Milwaukee Bucks have not had much to celebrate when they've conducted their annual preview luncheon with the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. This year, however, there was a tangible buzz in the room at the event, which was held at the Harley-Davidson Museum.
 Marketplace - November 12, 2014
 Net neutrality 101
 In essence, preserving net neutrality would ensure that all consumers and businesses will have universal levels of access to a fast Internet, not just some preferred customers who would pay for "faster lanes" on the Internet.

Recent Podcasts
Arts and Entertainment - February 5, 2008
 Groucho Marx celebrates Pabst's 100th Anniversary
On Feb. 5, 1944, Groucho Marx -- along with Gene Tierney, Fay McKenzie, Leo Gorcey, Ken Niles, Robert Armbruster and his Blue Ribbon Blenders -- came to Milwaukee to celebrate Pabst Brewing Company's 100th anniversary. Marx & Co. put on a show at the Milwaukee Auditorium to mark the event. "Blue Ribbon Town" was broadcast live, nationwide, by the CBS Radio Network and carried locally by WISN-AM.
Length: 00:27:43