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Outdoor drinking guide Image

Outdoor drinking guide

Cocktailing and beer drinking are year-round sports in Milwaukee, but the peak season generally coincides with our all-too-brief flirtations with warm weather. We've enjoyed a pleasant spring, which has provided ample opportunity to visit some of the city's spots and check out a few new venues for al fresco drinking and fun.

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Only One In Five Black Students Make It to Graduation Day

Only One In Five Black Students Make It to Graduation Day

UW-Milwaukee is among the bottom-performing universities for black students, according to a new study from The Education Trust, a non-profit advocacy organization. Only 21 percent of black students graduate from UWM in six years, the study found. Media Milwaukee reporters talked with students and advisors to find out why.   Nia Wilson heard from students and [...] The post Only One In Five Black Students Make It to Graduation Day appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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The water-pumping past of Colectivo's lakefront cafe

In the late 1880s, Milwaukee had a water problem -- the Milwaukee River had become completely polluted. Its banks were lined with tanneries and factories, and the byproducts of both ended up in the river, giving it a foul odor and murky appearance. So what did city leadership decide to do? Build a big pump, and dump the pollution into Lake Michigan.   The water-pumping past of Colectivo's lakefront cafe appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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The water-pumping past of Colectivo

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Scottish Fest
From sheepdogs to caber tosses, from Celtic music to cricket demonstrations, Scottish Fest/Highland Games offers one of the most fun one-day events of the Milwaukee-area summer.
1854 William Howard House
William Howard House in Walker's Point may not be the oldest home in town, but it's pretty close. And, best of all, it's beautifully preserved and, if you're in the market for a real vintage classic, it's for sale.
The Big Gig in the '70s
Summerfest followed its big 1968 debut with an even larger - though still diffuse - schedule in '69. But dramatic changes began in 1970 and continued throughout the decade as the Big Gig became bigger and bigger.
North Side Turner Hall
These days Turner Hall means a very specific building on 4th Street between State and Highland. But a century ago, you'd have had to be more specific, because there were at least two other Turner halls. Here, we take a look inside one.