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The Jazz Estate on Murray Avenue is a clear winner with the local music scene.

Where do local musicians go to drink?

Have you ever wondered where your favorite local musicians go to unwind after a gig? asked some of our friends in the biz and got their take on their area bars of choice.

Kyle Feerick
Favorite bar: The Jazz Estate, 2423 N. Murray Ave.
"Favorite place to drink: A tough question to answer. So many great places in Milwaukee for so many different reasons. I think it's gotta come down to where I have spent the most time over the years, which is The Jazz Estate. So many friendly faces, so much great live music, and a fine selection of beers and cocktails! What musician could turn that down!?"
Catch Kyle Feerick and his band's latest EP, "The Places We Can Go" at Yield, 1932 E. Kenilworth Pl., on March 29.

Michael Hecker
Favorite bars: Hi Hat Lounge, 1701 N. Arlington Pl., and Brocach, 1850 N. Water St.
"Hi-Hat has amazing Happy Hour specials and the background music and atmosphere are both incredible. You'll hear Bob Dylan, Counting Crows, Miles Davis. Always keeps you guessing. The selection is eclectic and gets me into a chill mood more so than any other bar around. They are also one of the few places in the area where they make a Moscow Mule with Russian Standard Vodka without specifically asking for it. I'm generally not a cocktail kind of guy but they have the best I've had. Brocach is my other 'go to'...the people are the absolute best around. Ron (I think his title is Bar-manager) is a great dude, all the bartenders are seriously friendly and courteous. Their whiskey selection is fantastic. Bourbon, can get just about anything you want. Great beer selection too. They have brews that even most beer connoisseurs have yet to try. Hands down my most-visited bar."

Paul Kneevers of LovaNova
Favorite bars: Sabbatic, 700 S. 2nd St., and Lucky Joe's Tiki Bar, 196 S. 2nd St.
"I like to hang out at Sabbatic and Lucky Joe's. They are good places to listen to some music and chill. Sabbatic can get rowdy on weekends. For chill bars I like Tonic, At Random or The Newsroom Pub. Good places to get a bite to eat?....The Noble, Ashley's BBQ or Industry. Of course, there's always the old-world class and fancy cuisine of Conejitos!"

Misha Siegfried of Misha Siegfried & His Band
Favorite bars: Conway's, 2127 Wells St. and The Up & Under Pub, 1216 E. Brady
"Conway's is my home away from home, my adopted family. Plus, Gary serves the best ribs in the city, by far. Up & Under is one of the best music clubs in the city!"
Catch Misha Siegfried & His Band at Fire on Water, 518 N. Water St. this Friday, Feb. 22.

Matt Turner, bass player for Erotic Adventures of the Static Chicken, De La Buena, Tristan Royalty Squan and Sam Llanas
Favorite Bars: The Jazz Estate, 2423 N. Murray Ave.; Hotel Foster, 2028 E. North Ave.; The Foundation, 2718 N. Bremen St.; the Impala Cocktail Lounge, 701 E. Center St.
"I love the Jazz Estate (I play there every Tuesday). But recently I've really been enjoying Hotel Foster, great staff... AWESOME cocktails, as well as the Foundation in Riverwest and the Impala Lounge. All these places have great vibes, and are void of d-bags!"

Sean Williamson of Lovanova, Kyle Feerick and Sam Llanas
Favorite bar: The Jazz Estate, 2423 N. Murray Ave.
"I'm a fan of libations with a purpose, and for that I choose The Jazz Estate as my bar of choice. A place to see underappreciated musicians appreciate music in so many ways on stage, all while enjoying drinks and great vibes. Can't get much better than that."
Catch Sean playing with Lovanova at Lucky Joe's Tiki Room on Thursday, Feb. 28.

Darius Windom aka APRIME of AUTOMatic
Favorite bar: The Cactus Club, 2496 S. Wentworth Ave.
"I don't drink liquor, but my favorite bar to have my signature drink, The 3099 (mixed cranberry and pineapple juice), is The Cactus Club. It's a cool little Bay View spot and I dig it because it's as if the dream of the 90s is alive in there! They're always playing 90s music or old wrestling or video shows. The bartenders are super cool and make you feel at home. Plus, it's one of the best venues to perform. The sound guy, Alex, is amazing with the sound and lighting techniques."


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