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What bar have you outgrown?

Social Circle: What bar have you "outgrown?"

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We all go through phases in life, including which bars we like or if we like bars at all.

This week, asked the Social Circle if they had "outgrown" any bars and, if so, why. here are their responses and feel free, as always, to add your response via the Talkback feature.


Barbara Aho: "Any bar too loud to talk to someone 10 inches away."

Rebecca Carreire: "The Uptowner. You could go back in 20 years and see the same exact people. Depressing."

Jeremy Frenz: "The bars are like my children. Even though sometimes they can frustrate you, they all have their own personalities. Therefore, I love them all equally. Except for The Nomad. That place rocks. Favorite child."

Lisa Frymark: "I've outgrown most bars. I prefer cocktails at home with friends."

Larry Johnson: "The Scene. Music has died too many times. Plus it closed."

Tom Julio: "Oak. I quit going there once I got my GED."

Paul Kennedy: "Chuck E. Cheese."

Shannon Knapp: "Most of them. Too damn loud. I get precious little social time as a mother of five. I'm not looking to spend the night screaming into someone's ear over a jukebox. The only exception being live music venues."

Kelly Kessler Fay: "Any bar where you go to 'be seen.' I just want to relax, hang out with my friends, have some great conversation, listen to some good music and chill."

Dave Mikolajek: "I felt like I outgrew The Nomad 13 years ago when I turned 30 and ownership completely restaffed the place. However, recently I find myself occasionally going down there to visit either said ownership or Sara or Heather."

Laurie Marks: "All gay bars. Gay bars are the dinosaurs of bar culture. They are closing down one by one faster than you can say 'assimilated!' It's sad in a way, LGBT people born after 2010 will probably have no idea what a 'gay bar' even is!"

Drew Olson: "Just about any bar on Water Street, except maybe Rosie's."

Lisa Roe: "All of Water Street."

Jen Skladanek: "The Uptowner for obvious reasons and The Mad Planet. I had spent many a night there dancing and drinking with friends but the '80s appeal has worn out its welcome. I do enjoy seeing bands there and love the owner but hanging out with 20-year-olds isn't my thang."

Laron Taylor: "Safe House! I got an ID now."

Dave Wolf: "Zad's. All third shift bars, but then again, I pretty much outgrew drinking all night and into the morning, thankfully."

Sara Zubarik: "I may not have outgrown the bar, but I have outgrown staying out until 2 a.m. I think every bar works for everyone but maybe at a different time of evening."


1lightone | Feb. 2, 2014 at 6:12 p.m. (report)


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