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To sample or not to sample the hard stuff. (PHOTO: Andy Tarnoff)

Social Circle: Should sampling hard alcohol in liquor stores be legal?

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It is currently illegal in the state of Wisconsin to sample hard alcohol in liquor or grocery stores. However, this could soon change.

There is a bill that is currently working its way through legislation that could make public spirit sampling legal.

Hence, asked the Social Circle their thoughts on this.

What do you think? Since beer and wine sampling is legal, should hard alcohol be available for tasting, too? Add your thoughts via the Talkback feature or social media.

Ryan Alby: "More puke, yay!"

Nick Berg: "Of course they should. I often find myself intrigued by new beers/spirits but usually talk myself out of buying them because I really haven't any idea of what it might taste like. I think a sample would certainly help move product."

Nicholas Binder: "Without a doubt. There should be limits though to how many samples are available at one time."

Keith Brammer: "Why is this even a question? It's not like they'd be handing you a bottle and saying, 'Drink up, Johnny!'"

Greg Clapp: "Why not? Wisconsin citizens have proven to be very responsible when it comes to drinking and driving!"

Mike Gregoire: "Of course they should. The argument that gas stations with a liquor department will be getting drivers wasted is an idiotic argument."

Carrie Grulke: "Absolutely!"

Becky Hollman: "Why not?"

Virginia Johnson: "Yes, in Minnesota they do it. The sample is so small you won't get drunk but when a new product is coming out it's always nice to try before you buy."

Kathy Nichols: "As long as there's some kind of limitations. I was just at Walgreen's at the pharmacy behind a drunk woman who was counting out change to pay for her prescription and cases of soda she was purchasing (at the pharmacy counter). Giving her a sample while she's clearly already intoxicated shouldn't be OK, but otherwise - sure, good idea!"

Lisa Carini Turecek: "Definitely! If people can drink on a huge, foot-peddled drunk-mobile then why can't we sample goods?"

Jackie Valent Lucca: "They should be able to sample products like other food companies to encourage sales."

Beth Weirick: "As long as they offer mixed nuts."

Peggy Romo West: "Yes, but I do agree with limitations. After a long day at work, the last thing you need is free shots at the grocery store. But I am big on on trying things before I buy them."

Erik Witt: "We are talking about free samples at a grocery store, not getting drunk and driving."

Patty Zastrow-Jankowski: "Hell yes! I've often commended Polish Fest for their vodka tasting. Where else would you find vodka tasting?"


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