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Fire on Water [edit]
518 N. Water St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 291-4411
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Description [edit]
Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, Fire offers affordable drinks, a comfortable environment, great service and amazing music -- whether its from Fire's own extensive collection or a great live band. Fire has over 50 beers in house, comfortable lounge seating, free pool, and multiple HD televisions -- including a 120" HD projection in the upstairs lounge.
Upcoming events

May 6, 2017 - May 7, 2017
Good Morning Bedlam, Dig Deep, Zach Pietrini at Fire on Water

Good Morning Bedlam is performing at Fire on Water with Zach Pietrini and Dig Deep! Good Morning Bedlam's show is an explosion of energy with soaring harmonies, a banjo player that scissor-kicks in the air, a string bass that will shake your chest, and a beat that will have your foot stomping through the floor. Every song is a unique twist on what is generally dubbed as folk music. One moment they are blasting through a jubilant bluegrass tune, headbanging and careening around the stage, and in the next, Sophia, their fiddler is dancing the Charleston during what can only be described as a modern folk swing dance song. Nominated two years running for Best Band in Milwaukee (2014-2015, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee), Zach Pietrini is rooted in brutally honest americana, and delivers instantly familiar tavern tunes. His songwriting has "sharpened and become more focused" (Shepherd Express) on his latest release, Highways and Heartache. Zach cites Gram Parsons & Ryan Adams as major influences on his work, and is driven by his desire to connect with people through the beauty of story and song. Dig Deep is a four-piece string band based out of Wisconsin that has in a very short time become a truly unique voice and a cornerstone of the thriving Midwest roots community. Through tireless full-time touring throughout the upper Midwest and across the country, the release of an acclaimed debut album, numerous high-profile festival and theater appearances, as well as the organizing of Indianhead Mountain's annual Mountain Top Festival, Dig Deep has earned love from fans, respect from musicians, and rapport with venues and events with their well-honed, hard-edged sound and their boisterous, dynamic performances. 9PM | 21+ | No Cover

May 11, 2017 - May 12, 2017
New Sound Underground at Fire on Water

New Sound Underground is coming to Milwaukee Wisconsin and performing at Fire on Water with Plaid Hawaii! Marked by their high-energy, all-instrumental performances, New Sound Underground has become a must-see band in the Minneapolis music scene. The band stands out with all original songs, engaging arrangements and exhilarating live shows. Drawing inspiration from a wide array of styles including funk, jazz, fusion, rock, soul, R&B, and gospel. Plaid Hawaii produces tropidelic progressive dance music. Elements of tropical house, Indie Dance, Psychedelic and funk all blended into an evolving breath of music. 9PM | 21+ | No Cover


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