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Mama's Pizza and Papa's Pub [edit]
7712-18 W. Burleigh St.
Milwaukee, WI 53222
(414) 871-1704
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Description [edit]
Serving Enderis Park and its environs since 1958, the bar, restaurant and carry-out business have flourished under the direction of Tony Pipito. With a thin-crust pizza to die for, Mama's is easily among the city's top five pizzerie. Papa's Pub, which occupies a space that housed a Ben Franklin store until a few years ago, is a favorite hangout for locals, who enjoy live music by bands like Mount Olive and The Rockefellers on Thursdays and Saturdays, and a daily happy hour from 2 to 6 p.m. with 2-for-1 specials.

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Posted by alawishus on Nov. 24, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. (report)

I grew up in the area and have been going there for close to 40 years.Granted,it used to be Mama Mia's but even after the name change,(same owner)It was still a great place to go with great staff and excellent food. No joke,over those 40 years,I had easily eaten there over 600 times. It started with my Grandparents taking me,then my parents and then I went there when I became an adult. I lost my job so I stopped going out to eat for about 2 years. I returned to my old favorite haunt,only to find something had changed.Bad service,The pizza was so-so and the garlic bread was no longer the tasty treat it had once been.I chalked it up to a bad day.Every place has one.7 months pass and I go back.Me and two others arrive at around 4:30. It was dead,maybe 6 people in the whole place.We wanted to sit in the area with a bar in it.(not Papa's Pub but the room next to the main dining room) We had sat there at least 30 times in the past but now,they wouldn't let us sit there because you needed 5 people to sit in that room.Which is bull because in the past,I have seen couples eating in there and I have eaten in there on a date.I would understand if it was busy but only 1 table was being used out of 15 and the the person that sat us,(manager?) was rude as hell. So they take us to the regular dining room.I never cared for that room because most of the tables are bolted to the wall so you can't move them.They are fine if you only weigh 170lbs,but if you weigh anything close to 200 and up,your scrunched behind the table. There was a booth that was a little bigger that I have used in the past.I asked if we could sit there but once again,was told we needed 5 people but only had 3. So back to the mini- me booth.Totally uncomfortable and jammed in a booth,table is small and after we took our winter coats off there was no room.I felt like I had T-Rex arms while I was trying to eat the food,couldn't eat!Totally scrunched behind this table and when the waitress and manager saw how uncomfortable we were,they did nothing. We order our food which was pizza.I kicked myself for not saying EZ Sauce,since in the past I have noticed they apply copious amounts of sauce on the pizza.Not a complaint but I don't like that much sauce personally,so I usually order EZ sauce. Well the pizza and garlic bread arrive. I'm glad I didn't say EZ sauce because there was none on the pizza.I like some sauce.Not a tasty pizza at all,and the the top of the pizza was all air-bubbly.The toppings were generous and the crust was crispy like cracker,(I do like that) but something had changed.Maybe the seasoning had changed or lack of or minimal sauce(none), was to blame.Then came the garlic bread.Usually a Buttery.Garlicy Salty treat.Not this time. They also changed this. Dry and lacking in taste,this bread was a hollow shell of it's former self. The only good thing about this evening, were the strong drinks. ;>) I don't know if Tony Pipito,the owner,had sold the business or if he fired the cook who knew how to make great Italian food,but this is not same place I have been to in the past and the employees are rude. I will probably never return which is a shame.For the amount of money I have dropped there in the past,I could of owned the place.Stay away! In the past,The owner,if he still owns it,was a great guy,(Tony) who would come out and chat with my Grandparents and Parents for what seemed like an hour after we finished our meal, was not present.Which is understandable,he has a life but he should really listen to his customers on what is now happening. I really think this place will close if the food is not restored to it's former glory and a re-tooling of the current management /employees are not made. You have been warned.....

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