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126. What happened at Two Bucks on Friday night?
Numerous patrons and employees who were at Two Bucks on Friday night are alleging via a "Boycott Two Bucks Milwaukee" Facebook page that the owner, Lynn Forthaus, made racist comments about African American patrons and refused to serve them.
127. Updated: Why is At Random no longer for sale?
Earlier this week, reported that At Random was for sale. However, the listing is no longer online and according an amployee at The Boerke Company, it is "no longer available."
128. OK, who's gonna buy At Random?
Aw, crap, At Random, 2501 S. Delaware Ave., is on the market.
129. Updated: Estabrook Beer Garden opens Tuesday, April 28
Milwaukee County Parks' Estabrook Beer Garden will open Tuesday, April 28 at 4 p.m., more than two months earlier than past seasons.
130. The behemoth organist, a Pink Poodle and, um, Mammy's?
Old newspaper ads for Milwaukee clubs open a world of unwritten history.
131. Milwaukee's best bar district, 2015
Last year, Brady Street - with the help of watering holes like The Nomad, Hi-Hat, Jo-Cat's and more - managed to unseat the long-time champion of the title of Milwaukee's best bar district. However, they'd only have one year to celebrate, as after sharing the love in 2014, readers once again handed the title to previous five-time best bar district winner Bay View.
132. First look: Junior's Hook
Last night, Matthew "Sherm" Sherman hosted a soft opening for his new bar, Junior's Hook, located at 1517 S. 2nd St. Take a look.
133. Who's gonna take over Angelo's Lounge?
Angelo's Lounge, 1686 N. Van Buren St., is available for lease. Hopefully, the right person will take it over and keep the lounge magic flowing.
134. Milwaukee' best theme bar, 2015
Did last year's winner retain the title of Milwaukee's Best Theme Bar? Read on to find out!
135. Barnacle Bud's is back!
The patio will be blanketed in snow, but Barnacle Bud's, 1955 S. Hilbert St., reopens on Friday, Feb. 27. Luckily, there's a warm, dry structure next to the patio for us to reacquaint ourselves with Bud's.
136. An open bar tab helps fuel artistic creativity at Splash Studio
You don't have to be an experienced painter to attend a Splash Session, but a credit card to open a tab at the bar might help break your creativity out of its shell. And don't forget your I.D.
137. Milwaukee's best bar for bachelorette party/girls' night out, 2015
If you're going to get the girls together for a night out in Milwaukee -- or bring the bachelorette out for a "last hurrah" -- there is one spot in the city where the readers say you MUST go. Read on to find out where.
138. Just say no ... to the cucumber
Having given it an honest effort at several places around Milwaukee, I've come to a judgment: Cucumber is just a taste that doesn't belong in alcohol.
139. Van Buren's Whiskey Bar and Grill might open this weekend
Van Buren's Whiskey Bar and Grill will open soon at 1682 N. Van Buren St., in the former Libby's space. Owner Frank Sandino says it could open as soon as Friday and a grand opening will take place in March.
140. Milwaukee's best bar for a bachelor party/boys' night out, 2015
There's no touching the performers in a strip club, and it seems there's also no touching Silk Exotic when it comes Milwaukee's choice for best bar for a boys' night out or bachelor party.
141. Bartender Games: The Block Buster
The Block Buster will busting things up at the Bartender Games on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Turner Hall Ballroom.
142. A hard, local lesson that should make us all think
Out for a few beers. Boom. Killed a young woman, and the driver's off to jail. It's a sad story that should have an impact.
143. Milwaukee's best non-Irish pub, 2015
This was undoubtedly a close one, with Nomad World Pub narrowly edging out last year's winner, Cafe Benelux, by only six votes.
144. Milwaukee's best bar patio/view, 2015
Although we tinkered a bit this year, combining the best patio and best view categories, the results haven't changed all that much. Read on to see which bar readers say offers the best patio and/or view.
145. Milwaukee's best martinis, 2015
Who will come out on top with the best martini of 2015? The winner might surprise you.
146. Bartender Games: The Block
The Block aims to tower over its competitors at the Bartender Olympics on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Turner Hall Ballroom.
147. Bartender Games: Thunder Chickens
The Thunder Chickens aim to be truly, well, thunderous for the Bartender Games on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Turner Hall Ballroom.
148. Milwaukee's best live music in a bar, 2015
One place in Milwaukee is developing a reputation as the voter's favorite to see live music -- to the point where it's tightening its grip on this category. Read on to see which bar Milwaukee believes is the best to see local acts perform.
149. Milwaukee's best LGBT bar, 2015
Since the earliest days of's best of bars poll, this institution of Walker's Point nightlife - as well as one of the city's oldest LGBT dance clubs - has come away with the crown of Milwaukee's best LGBT bar. Would the streak keep going into 2015?
150. Bartender Games: Rookies of the Year
The Rookies of the Year aim to earn their place at the Bartender Games on Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Turner Hall Ballroom.