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Egg rolls for a cause: Welcome to Hwang

Egg rolls for a cause: Welcome to Hwang's House of Yum

Egg rolls, fried rice, fortune cookies... we normally don't need an excuse to eat Chinese food. But Chinese food for a cause? That's even better. Welcome to Hwangs House of Yum, a one-day "pop-up" Chinese restaurant of sorts hosted in the home of Sarah and Milt Hwang... but instead of just leaving with a full stomach, you're leaving with something even better- knowing that your full stomach is going towards a good cause. Egg rolls for a cause: Welcome to Hwang's House of Yum appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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New Borchert Field book
Nostalgia is a powerful thing, especially among tradition-bound fans of America's Pastime. That's why many of us yearn for the chance to experience even just one game at a place like Milwaukee's old Borchert Field, chronicled in a new book by Bob Buege.
Miller's tied houses
Despite the fact that Miller was the smallest of Milwaukee's big four brewers early in the 20th century, it was a big-time player in tied houses. As important as that real estate was in selling beer, it also helped the brewery survive Prohibition and the Depression.
The Blinding Lights
Seven years after The Blinding Lights' first disc, an EP called "Sanctify," has followed and we caught up with frontman Jeff Harrington to ask about what's changed over that time that has led him to not only keep the band going, but to quit his day job and devote his energies to music full-time.
Luhrssen on classic rock
After writing about everything from secret societies to Milwaukee punk rock, the Shepherd Express' Dave Luhrssen has now written the "Encyclopedia of Classic Rock." We asked him about what went into writing this authoritative tome with Michael Larson.