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100 old school Milwaukee memories, part III

Note: The contents of this guide were checked for accuracy when this article was updated on Jan. 7, 2002 at 6:01 a.m. We continually update the thousands of articles on, but it's possible some details, specials and offers may have changed. As always, we recommend you call first if you have specific questions for the businesses mentioned in the guide.

Remembering the past and embracing the future, that's what we are all about at So, here is the third installment of our ever-popular "Old School Milwaukee" lists. Memories, personalities, buildings, businesses, all things that take us back to the streets of an older Milwaukee. Please enjoy and don't forget to review our first two lists, and to talk back to this article with your personal Milwaukee memories.

  1. Bob Barry at Sunny 920, WOKY
  2. Broken cookies at Johnston Bakery on National Avenue ($1 a bag)
  3. Boston Store's restaurant and daily fashion shows
  4. Joe and Tom Sardino's on the east side
  5. Kopp's on 60th & Lisbon
  6. Marquette University football team
  7. Wair's Bridal Shop on Mitchell Street
  8. The Fruit Ranch
  9. The Layton Art Gallery on Jefferson Street
  10. Mother Goose House
  11. The Gilpatrick Hotel (notorious for being the place where Teddy Roosevelt was shot during an attempted assassination in October 1912. The Gilpatrick closed in 1941 and the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee is now on the site)
  12. Kalt's on Oakland
  13. Third Ward Block Parties with the re-created fire
  14. Earwaves and Dirty Jack's Record Rack
  15. Next Best Thing on Villard
  16. Union Depot
  17. The Butterfly Theatre
  18. The Miller Hotel and Vaudeville Theatre
  19. Peach's Records & Tapes
  20. Hot Sam's at Mayfair
  21. Dreamland Dance Hall
  22. Park Avenue
  23. George Carlin's Summerfest arrest -- damn those seven words you can't say on TV
  24. Frenchy's on North Avenue
  25. The St. Charles Hotel
  26. The Milwaukee Free Press
  27. The Blatz Hotel
  28. Redwood and Ross
  29. Espenhain's Department Store
  30. "Ask your Neighbor"
  31. The Globe Hotel at Cass & Wisconsin (the Firstar Building now occupies the site)
  32. The Republican House
  33. The closing of The Davidson Theater in 1954
  34. Wisconsin Skate University on 27th Street (now it's Romine's)
  35. Ron Cuzner's The Dark Side Jazz Radio
  36. Dutchland Dairy
  37. Joe Shott and the Hot Shots
  38. The Jewel Food Store on 68th and State
  39. The Knotty Pine in Wauwatosa
  40. WTMJ's Gordon Thomas
  41. UWM's football team
  42. The Onion Crook at Southridge
  43. The North Shore Line, the Inter Urban and other passenger trains
  44. Walter Anderson and Hig Murray, the farm reporters for WTMJ
  45. Milwaukee's Electroliner
  46. Wadham's pagoda style gas station (two Pagoda gas stations can still be seen in Milwaukee, although they are no longer in service)
  47. "Bill Cosgrove what a GREAT GREAT GUYYYYYYYYYY!!!"
  48. "Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Chevrolet (come in today!)!!"
  49. "I'm from Milwaukee and I oughta know...that BLATZ BEER TASTES GREAT...whereever you go..."
  50. Muk Luk boots
  51. Santa's Secret Gift Shop at Gimbels
  52. Marine Bank's Wally the Walrus
  53. Dr.Cadaverino
  54. U.S. Army NIKE missile base in Lake Park
  55. The Stone Toad
  56. Stewart's (next to Chapman's)
  57. The '57 World Series
  58. Nickel Beer nights at County Stadium
  59. Zantigo
  60. Red Carpet Lanes
  61. Blue Jay Bowl
  62. The "old" Billy Mitchell Field Airport
  63. Lucifer's in West Allis
  64. Oliver's downtown
  65. Cheetah Nite Clubs
  66. "For quality heating service, you feel better if you call Wisconsin Ice and Coal, Broad-way six nine three one one"
  67. Easter Sunday, 1987
  68. The Billy Bookworm Club sponsored by Milwaukee Public Library system
  69. Mrs Howe's potato chips
  70. "Be Wiser Buy Geiser's"
  71. Phil Token & His Singing Pontiac (PONTI)
  72. Judge Christ Seraphim's suspension in 1980
  73. "Hi this is Eddie Doucette for MBTI"
  74. 3D cameras from David White Co.
  75. La Veers
  76. Morry's
  77. The City Club
  78. The Brass Ring Pub
  79. The Unicorn
  80. Cafe Voltaire
  81. The Attic North and West
  82. Starz on 100
  83. Wine and Roses
  84. Mugshots
  85. The Red Corvette
  86. Tomah's
  87. The Greentree and 25¢ Busch beer (If ya wanna stay later, ya gotta come earlier!")
  88. Good Time Charlie's
  89. Fried Eggs and Tootsie's
  90. The Circle
  91. Hoops
  92. Ask Andy
  93. WKTI's "push 'em down the stairs"
  94. Humpin' Hanna's
  95. The Mine Shaft
  96. The "Outdoor Olympic Ice Rink" at State Fair Park
  97. Relish trays with every dinner, everywhere
  98. Old Milwaukee Days
  99. Earl Gillespie
  100. Gertie the Duck book


4ggufeed | April 10, 2015 at 11:54 p.m. (report)

How about La Joys Restaurant on 47th and Lisbon Ave. Emma Langs Smartwear on Milwaukee and Wisconsin Ave Downtown. I clerked there in High School. Waited on Mrs. Vince Lombardi once!

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xsoutsiders | Aug. 22, 2014 at 11:12 p.m. (report)

How about these....Little Richards on Oklahoma Ave; The Butter Bun on Wisconsin Ave; Groppi's Meat Market in Bay View; The Grogg Shoppe on Front St; The Safe House on front St; ice skating at EZ Painter and Saveland Park ice rinks; Moreway on Layton; Joseph Schlitz Circus Parade; Downtown YMCA & YWCA; Golden Guernsey milk home deliveries and Goldmans on Mitchell, to name a few.

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lindsay62 | Jan. 20, 2013 at 4:56 p.m. (report)

Does anybody know about Tata Ryby;;;other than he wore black, had a long beard, walked in parades down Lincoln Avenue, had a cigar named after him?? I remember TaTa Ryby when I was a kid playing in Kosciuszko Park. Everyone remembers him,,,but so far, nobody knew his real name, where he lived, where he worked, how he was named TaTa Ryby (father fish). I am working with an anthropoligist who wants to do a story on him, but we are at a dead end. This guy was a lincoln ave icon, but no one knows anything. Tom Kondrakiewicz e-mail Jan 20th,2013. PLEASE HELP.

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motorcyclemike | Sept. 15, 2012 at 10:08 p.m. (report)

anyone remember where the "Saloon" was located on the East side

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motorcyclemike | Sept. 15, 2012 at 10:07 p.m. (report)

ice skating at Brown Deer Park

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