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After eight years of silence, critics of Presidential politics are loudly returning to the forefront. (PHOTO: Flickr/Karen)

The return of the political whistle swallowers

In sports, if an official allows a play to unfold without taking action, they are sometimes said to be "swallowing their whistle." This action is typically done late in a game and allows the athletes to decide the contest, rather than the officials. The general idea is that no one pays good money to watch the officials call penalties or fouls.

Sports, however, are not the only place where people have been swallowing their whistles. After an eight year hiatus, critics of presidential politics are beginning to make their triumphant return to the detractor arena.

You know who these people are in your lives. Four years ago, they were gleefully mocking Mitt Romney's assertion that Russia was our chief geopolitical foe with, "The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back" (cue the laugh track).

Fast forward four years, and now the same folks want everyone to believe that the very Russia they mocked is responsible for Hillary losing the election. Yes, Russia is to be blamed for everything, and the one person that has overseen its dramatic reemergence over the last eight years is to be given a pass. Again.

No doubt that one's opinion of President Obama's job performance is closely aligned to political affiliation. It's unavoidable and makes for a difficult nonpartisan discussion. Instead, I thought we'd let the voting pattern over the last eight years speak for itself.

In total, Republicans control nearly 1,000 more legislative seats than they did when Obama took office. The Republican share of state legislative seats has grown from just under 44 percent in 2009 to 56 percent after the election. Clearly America views Obama policies as disastrous and has rejected his political party, as well as his agenda, in large numbers.

If President Obama had done a better job of leading, he wouldn't have lost Congress, along with various state legislatures, at such an alarming pace. In fact, if he wasn't re-elected after four years of little to no achievement, there wouldn't even be a President Trump. It's my contention that Barack Obama's own failures directly led to the success of his political opponents, and, specifically, to the rise of Donald Trump.

To make matters worse, the press sat on the sidelines and also said nothing. Your liberal friends, in addition to the mainstream media, swallowed their whistles and quit calling fouls for eight long years. Yet both entities want you to believe that they are NOW the best source of presidential criticism. No, what these people should be looking for is their lost integrity, not new victims for their brand of partisan hackery.

For eight years, criticism of Obama's policies was labeled as racist and dismissed as the rantings of privilege. People don't like to be judged on their political views, and this is why pollsters missed the Trump rise on Election Day. A voting booth has become the only place one can freely exercise their conservative views, absent of racist accusations. You're going to have a hard time convincing these same alleged racists that the media and whistle swallowing liberals are now credible, non partisan sources interested in holding the President accountable. It simply rings hollow.

Their newfound passion is admirable, but ultimately falls on deaf ears due to the silence that has previously taken place. This leads to a situation where many liberals have already criticized President- elect Trump more in the last two months than President Obama over the last eight years. Regardless, they want you to trust them as fair arbiters of the two men moving forward.

They demand you overlook the eight year pass on Executive Overreach that now allows President Trump access to unprecedented control. They need you to ignore that they were complicit with adding $10 trillion in debt, while spying on foreign governments and private citizens. Sadly, they will pull out their anti-war drum circles and expect you to dismiss the two wars President Obama oversaw and failed to end. Predictably, they will also insist that drone bombing other countries is bad again and that homelessness is a problem that started on Jan. 20, 2017.

But they'll save their best trick for last. These whistle swallowers will now implore that criticizing one's Ppesident is not at all racist, but a civic duty all citizens must be free to exercise. They're counting on us to forget the vitriol leveled towards Obama detractors and now expect to take their rightful place back at the critic's table. We must reject them wholeheartedly.

What most partisan citizens locked in a war of identity politics miss is that it's OK to criticize Trump AND his critics. They're both hopelessly fake and count on people being too stupid, or too loyal, to care otherwise. Resultantly, they have rejected their principles and convictions in favor of party loyalty. This phenomenon also helped get Donald Trump elected, and it has caused many to now oppose the very powers their preferred president flaunted for eight years.

In my opinion, the only people with even a shred of integrity left in this fight are the #NeverTrump conservatives. They have rejected their party's nominee and have instead clung to their principles. They've been mocked, name called and unfriended, yet they endure. They are just as likely to criticize Obama as they are Trump and don't view news solely as an opportunity to push narratives or party identification.

Instead of calling them traitor or racists, perhaps it's time to call them what they truly have become: the only objective people left in America.


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