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Sunday Sound-off: What's it like for Milwaukeeans who don't celebrate Christmas?

Most people in Milwaukee celebrate Christmas, so this week's Sound-off addresses Milwaukeeans who celebrate the other December holidays -- Chanukkah, Yule, Festivus and Kwanzaa -- or those who don't celebrate anything at all. Is this a lonely time of year for non-Christmas celebrators? Does Brew City do an adequate job recognizing other holidays?

E-mail us at and if picked, we'll post your response next Sunday. Only submissions that include your full name and where you live will be considered.

Last week's question: Are there enough single men in Milwaukee?

Absolutely not. It seems everyone here is married before 30, or not married for a good reason.
Gigi Jones

Milwaukeeans get married younger than people in Chicago. I know that for sure. When I lived there, all of my friends were around 35, and most of them were not married. Here, it seems by 35 people have been married AT LEAST once.
Tracy Place

I haven't had a hard time meeting available men, but I'm gay. I think there are more gay men than straight men who are older and available in Milwaukee.
Dan R.

Thank God for the Internet, because there certainly aren't enough available and attractive men hanging out in Milwaukee bars. We need to somehow start importing them from Chicago, Atlanta and California.
Molly O'Neil


Truth_be_told | Dec. 21, 2006 at 9:40 a.m. (report)

It disgusts me to see how easily many Milwaukeeans are duped into buying into the fictitious "war on Christmas" that Bill o'Reilly manufactured to boost his shows ratings.

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