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Odd-shaped building, good Mexican food.

I heart Cafe Corazon

I love getting surprises. Birthday presents. Letters. Seeing a friend after a long time. And one of my favorite things of all is finding a place to eat that I've passed many times before but have never tried.

That's what happened at a tiny Mexican restaurant in Riverwest, Cafe Corazon.

Located on a crazy, triangle-shaped corner piece of land, I've passed it by for years, wondering what the food was like but never wondering seriously enough to really try.

This week that all came to the surprising end.

On a nice night we ambled over to the restaurant and sat down in a largely empty small dining room. Looking at the menu it was clear that the name "Corazon" was the influence. It means heart in Spanish, but the word is often used to call someone my "darling."

I ended up having shrimp tacos and my wife had shrimp quesadillas. The tacos were amazing, with shrimp, cilantro, onion, tomato, radish and queso fresco served with rice and black beans with just enough spice to wake you up but not enough to make you stand up.

The food was great Mexican food. It wasn't Conjito's cheap, but it didn't break the bank either.

As we left, the picnic tables outside were filling up with people and, a couple of dogs. You've got to love the Riverwest neighborhood.


mkeforlife | April 20, 2012 at 3:33 p.m. (report)

Eh. Nothing like the owner behind the bar being an a** from the second we walked in. The food was decent but forgettable. Way better Mexican all over this town without the attitude.

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