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Like taco dip, tacos are popular with the masses. We just disagree on shell type and toppings.

4 loved foods, 4 hated foods

For the ninth straight year, October is Dining Month on OnMilwaukee, presented by the restaurants of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino. All month, we're stuffed with restaurant reviews, dining guides, delectable features, chef profiles and unique articles on everything food, as well as voting for your "Best of Dining 2015."

Earlier this month, OnMilwaukee published a story listing six restaurants that Milwaukeeans seem to either love or hate. Now, we've broken it down to specific foods that people, generally, can agree are appealing or not.

Studies show that Americans have a common like – and a common dislike – of many of the same foods. But, because we are such complicated snowflake-original beings, we don't, of course, all agree that every food on this list either rules or blows.

Some people actually like canned salmon and fruitcake. Some might hate lasagna or taco dip. (Although, like a friend said once, "I don't trust anyone who doesn't like taco dip.")

Here are four foods that most people like and four foods that most people don't like. Twinkies made neither list. Enjoy.

Foods most folks like:

1. Taco dip

Photo: Molly Snyder

We might not all agree on the toppings – especially when it comes to black olives – but perhaps we can all agree that taco dip is the missing link in total human connection. As if it could get any better, the addition of tortilla chips is non-negotiable with this party favorite.

2. Pie

Photo: Shutterstock

We've all heard that disliking pie is un-American, but seriously, have you ever met an American who didn't dig pie? Add a can of Ready Whip and you have yourself an entire weekend.

3. Fries

You don't really want the side salad with your burger. No, you want the fries. And why wouldn't you? Fries are warm and crispy life distractions that give ketchup a reason to go on.

4. Lasagna

Photo: Shutterstock

The most comfy of Italian comfort food. Whether meaty or veggie, lasagna is always layered with love. And cheese.

Foods most folks hate:

1. Circus Peanuts


The incongruous circus peanut is part marshmallow, part only-god-knows-what. They are confusingly large, only sort-of shaped like a peanut in the shell, orange in color and banana flavored. Chewy like Peeps or hard as candy corn, most people don't ponder over them, they just hate 'em.

2. Head cheese

Photo: Shutterstock

Like the circus peanut, head cheese has a deceptive name, mostly, because it's not cheese. It is rather a cold cut made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig. It's OK to hate on head cheese because, well, it's really gross.

3. Canned clams

Photo: Facebook

Canned seafood, from tuna to salmon, is frowned on by many. However, canned clams might be the worst – except as food for a pet sea mammal.

4. Fruitcake

Photo: Shutterstock

Most Americans have never tried fruitcake, and yet it's already deep in our DNA not to like it. Poor, hated fruitcake.


mbradleyc | Oct. 25, 2015 at 11:48 p.m. (report)

I can make a great fruitcake. One piece and you'll catch a (legal) buzz.

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