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The Copper Dock [edit]
1474 E. Friess Lake Dr.
Hubertus, WI 53033
(262) 628-3718
(262) 628-9930 Fax
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Description [edit]'s Amy Carlson says:

The Copper Dock, formerly Andersons Catering, provided the best dining experiences I have had in a long time on two recent visits. Even though the restaurant underwent a menu change during the course of the past month, the transition was seamless, and while some ravely reviewed items on our first visit (shrimp cocktail, $9.95, panko breaded fried shrimp, $19.95 and pan seared ahi tuna, $9.95) are no longer regularly on the new menu, our server said a simple call ahead will have them awaiting your arrival (all three are worth a call).

It was this type of warmth and true service at The Copper Dock, that, when paired with the lake view and the extraordinary simplicity, but near perfection of the food, makes this restaurant a rare find, and well worth the 20-minute drive from Milwaukee proper.

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