Theater couples endure despite pressures

There are an amazing number of married couples active in the Milwaukee Theater community. I decided to investigate this phenomena and sent some theater couples a brief questionnaire in hopes that the answers will inspire singles to consider making a radical change in their lives.

Obviously, we haven't offered any real advice here, but our overall message is: if you can keep your sense of humor about yourself and life, you can do anything.

In this installment, we talk with Jennifer Rupp Chudnow and Dick Chudnow.

Jennifer Rupp Chudnow has served as Business Manager for ComedySportz for the last 12 years. She is also a Co-Founder and Producer for Renaissance Theaterworks and is a veteran of stages in Milwaukee and Madison.

Dick Chudnow was co-owner of, and performer at, Kentucky Fried Theater in Madison and Los Angeles from 1968-'72. He founded ComedySportz in 1984 and remains co-owner and performer there. He has written and acted in a variety of films, including "Spy Hard" and "Kentucky Fried Movie."

OMC: Has your marriage enriched your art?

Jen: I think any kind of suffering enriches one's art.

Dick: I keep it in check. I don't want my art to get too rich for the masses.

OMC: Do you discuss your work with your spouse?

Jen: If you mean, does he listen to my whining? Yes. Patiently.

Dick: Did you say "cuss" my work?

OMC: Does your spouse offer you constructive criticism?

Jen: We can't be objective enough to offer criticism. I think he's absolutely the most hilarious person on the face of the earth and he thinks I'm amazing because I can remember all those lines.

Dick: It's an offer I cannot refuse.

OMC: As a casting director, what kind of roles would you suggest for your spouse?

Jen: Casting Dick Chudnow as Hamlet would make for a very new and interesting evening of entertainment. Or Willy Loman. He'd really take the curse off "Death of a Salesman," you know.

Dick: Pumpernickel, Kaiser or a nice Dutch twist.

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