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Stephen Lynch brings the laughs to Turner Hall this Sunday. (PHOTO: Dale May)

Seven questions for Stephen Lynch

Tuesday marked the release of comedian Stephen Lynch's fifth album, "Lion." In addition to numerous top-rated specials on Comedy Central, the musical comedian also earned a Tony nomination in 2006 for acting in the Broadway adaptation of "The Wedding Singer."

Lynch will perform in Milwaukee this Sunday, Nov. 18 at Turner Hall Ballroom. In anticipation of his show, spoke with Lynch about the new album, his influences and his previous visits to Milwaukee. Your new album, "Lion," is a two-CD set, with one being studio recorded songs and the other a live disc of that material. What inspired you to have such a unique format?

Stephen Lynch: Some people prefer their comedy albums live, others (like me), want to hear a real album of recorded music. I'm just trying to make everyone happy. Which is why every CD includes a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse.

OMC: Is there a track on the new album that stands out as your favorite?

SL: It changes all the time. Today it's probably "Tennessee." I've been closing my shows with it.

OMC: Since you have experience as a Tony-nominated actor for "The Wedding Singer," would you ever have any interest in writing a musical?

SL: I thought about writing a musical based on "Scarface," but I didn't get very far. Just one song. It's more difficult than you might think.

OMC: Beyond your own work, is there a comedy album that you'd recommend to your fans? Either one that has been an inspiration to you, or a recent work that you have an appreciation for?

SL: I like Monty Python, Brian Regan, The Fireside Theatre, Tenacious D, and, of course, "This Is Spinal Tap" and "Waiting For Guffman" are genius.

OMC: You've toured with a wide range of comedians; was there anyone in particular that stands out as your favorite and why?

SL: I've actually toured with very few comedians. I opened for a lot of them back in the day, though. Sometimes it was magical and sometimes ... let's just say that I don't have a great appeal to Jeff Foxworthy's audience.

OMC: Since you've had multiple shows in Milwaukee before, do you have any favorite memories associated with visiting Milwaukee?

SL: I played a place with my brother there a hundred years ago called Shank Hall. I don't even remember if the show was any good, but I loved that they named it after a Spinal Tap reference. At least I think they did.

OMC: Is there anything else you'd like to tell your fans about your upcoming show at Turner Hall on Nov. 18?

SL: It will be vastly superior to my past shows. Stronger material, better music, and I have some great people who play and sing with me on stage. And everyone gets free Outback Steakhouse.

Lynch's new album, "Lion" is available now on What Are Records. For more information about Lynch, visit his website. Tickets and information for his show Sunday can be found at


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