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Some little people have big plans for 2012.

Milwaukee kids' New Year's resolutions

Last week, posted the resolutions of many adult Milwaukeeans. Here are some New Year's 2012 resolutions of Milwaukeeans under the age of 12.

Ask your own little people what they hope to resolve this year. You might have to explain the concept, but once you do, enjoy the response.

Jennifer Goldberg asked her daughter and son Rachel, age 8, and Ethan, age 10. Rachel said she wanted to keep her room clean. "This is quite a stretch for her," says Jennifer.

Ethan said he was going to "try to not go to school."

"When I explained that a resolution is something you do to improve yourself, he insisted that it was still valid because if he didn't go to school he would spend more time with the family and therefore not fight with his sister as much. Makes perfect sense," says Jennifer.

Christal Meredith-Korfhage's 8-year-old son, Matthew, made a resolution that is also school-centered.

"Matthew told me that his resolution is to stop acting up in class and making annoying noises," says Christal.

Kristin Johnson Lucas has been asking her son, now 10, what his resolution is for a few years. So far, he has a great track record.

"A few years ago, my then 8-year-old son's resolution was 'pet my hamster more.' The next year it was 'grow my hair as long as a girl's.' He managed to follow through on both." says Kristin.

Nikol Hasler, former Milwaukeean and host of "Midwest Teen Sex Show," had to explain to her 5-year-old son, Pelham, that the year was about to change so it was a good time to make the decision to do something better than the year before.

"I'm going to eat more free candy, instead of the candy we pay for," says Pelham.

Kristin Nelson's son, Dorian, says he is going to give up saying naughty words.

"I didn't really hear him say naughty words, so I asked him if he sometimes says them when he's with his friends or when he's not around me," says Kristin. "He said, 'Yeah, sometimes. But it makes me feel funny so I want to give it up.'"

When Kristin asked him what he meant by "funny" he said "uncomfortable; like it's really not me." He went on to say he wanted to stop doing it forever, not just for one year.

"I hope he sticks to it and I think it's great. But I think I'm too far gone for that resolution," says Kristin.

Neal Cavanaugh's 11-year-old daughter had one resolution, and it made her dad very happy to hear.

"To not lose my iPod," she says.

Amy Perkins asked her twin 7-year-old sons, Aidan and Anthony, what their resolutions were.

"One said to watch less TV and then, of course, the other one said to watch more TV," says Amy. "That perfectly sums up my life for the last seven years."

Naomi Lara asked her 4-year-old son, Luke, and he responded in a "British" accent.

"To work on my acting, Captain Jack Sparrow," says Luke.

"We aren't quite getting the self-improvement idea of a resolution," says Naomi. "My other son, Zach, who is 3, said he wanted 'to get all the kinds of Star Wars, all the ones I don't have.'"

And Tammy Kolbe gave it a whirl, but her kids, ages 3 and 5, were also just too young to really get it.

"I asked them and they said they wanted more presents. There you go," she says.


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