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Help your insides go green with The Green Smoothie Health Program.

In Living

Take advantage of the mild spring temps and hit the greens. recommends, March 17, 2012

It seems we just can't get enough green here at Read on to discover some of our favorite lime-hued finds, including a tasty smoothie, a recreational way to enjoy the great outdoors, a treat for your St. Patrick's Day sweet tooth and more.

The Green Smoothie Health Program – Green smoothies are an amazing, delicious way to cram all your daily servings of fruits and veggies into one smooth, drinkable glass. Green smoothies get their name from the inclusion of green vegetables with fruits, which makes getting your daily dose of spinach in a lot easier for most people. Blending fruits and veggies in a high-powered blender is the passion of Chicago native and resident Tracy Russell, who has used these super shakes to help her transition to a whole foods diet and lose weight. Russell and her husband Davy have created "The Green Smoothie Health Program," a downloadable online resource for people wanting to integrate whole foods into their lives. Basically a non-cookbook (this stuff is raw) with tons of educational resources for creating these yummy, nutritional powerhouses, The Green Smoothie Health program also provides guidelines for losing weight, exercising and "detoxing." Of course, consult your doctor before starting any new dietary or health program. I love the Green Smoothie Health Program for the creative combos I would never think to throw in my Vita-mix on my own – like wild greens and watermelon, strawberry avocado and banana mint. Want to get on the smoothie wagon too? Check it out online. – Lindsay Garric

Getting in the swing of things – This week ahead is a tough one for me as I'm starting the process of packing up all my crap and moving full time to Milwaukee, but I am looking forward to finally being able to take advantage of this summer-like weather with some golf (or at least some practice) at several Milwaukee County golf courses I've never visited. Some rain is in the forecast, but they're calling for mid- to high-60s all week long and nearly all of the county tracks are open to play. I don't think I can resist much longer. – Jim Owczarski

Oil of Essence – I am searching for a scent that is just mine. I've done the Brut/Old Spice/Canoe/Obsession thing over the years. They all had their moments, but they always ended up leaving something to be desired. So I decided to try and find a scent that belonged just to me. And that's when I discovered oils of essence that provide a variety of flavors and smells. I've bought them at Outpost and at Whole Foods. Lately I'm experimenting with clove and cinnamon, but I don't have it yet. It's a time-consuming process, since you have towait for a while after you mix it to allow the flavor to bloom in full. But it's worth the wait. It's fun. And hopefully, in the end, I will smell just like nobody else on earth. – Dave Begel

Andes Candies – It may be Thin Mint season, but these minty, melty treats never get old. These baby chocolate bars were a special indulgence at my grandparents' cabin growing up, and years later they still haven't shaken their nostalgic appeal. I'm typically not a fan of mint and chocolate co-mingling in any sort of confection, but Andes are too good not to make an exception. Pro tip: re-wrap the foil and put the phantom candy back in the bowl to channel your inner 8-year-old. – Renee Lorenz


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