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In Living

Spice things up with a Bloody Mary from Hi-Hat.

In Living

Do away with your marshmallowy friends once and for all with a Peep roast.

In Living

Yuppie Hill Poultry's cage-free fare is "egg"-stra good. recommends, April 28, 2012

Want the scoop on what cool stuff we're into this week? Read on and find out in this latest edition of Recommends.

Bloody Mary from Hi-Hat – I'm always on the prowl for a good Bloody, and recently, I had a great one at Hi-Hat, 1709 N. Arlington Pl. I ordered it spicy, and it actually came spicy, as well as loaded with garnishes including a cheese chunk and a beef stick. The rim was perfectly salted and there was the perfect amount of ice. Plus, after traveling recently to cities that do not understand the beauty of the chaser, it was nice to automatically get one. Try one on a Saturday afternoon on the patio the next time we have a warm, sunny one. – Molly Snyder

Brewcity Bruisers' championship bout – If you find yourself free Saturday night on May 5, check out the championship bout for the Brew City Bruisers at U.S. Cellular Arena. It's a 6-10 p.m. bout followed by an after party at Turner Hall that rages til 2 a.m. Visit for tickets and more information. – Jim Owczarski

Teton Twill Pant from Mountain Khakis – I'm not a big khaki guy, but the only pair I own is from Mountain Khakis and I gotta say they are pretty solid and a very comfortable pair of pants. Triple stitched seams, mid-rise and relaxed fit – these babies are well made and good looking. The cool fifth pocket in the front is a nice touch too. – Jeff Sherman

Sabra Greek Olive Hummus – I never cared for hummus. That is, until I discovered Sabra's line, which offers all the goodness of hummus accented with a variety of add-ins. Being an olive fiend, I fell in tastebud love-at-first-sight with the Greek Olive flavor. It combines Sabra's regular hummus with some extra spice and green and black olive pieces mixed in for extra flavor. Pick some up next time you're at the grocery store. – Renee Lorenz

Peep roast – Still have marshmallow Peeps hanging out in your cupboard? Try roasting them over a backyard fire. Not only are they entertaining to watch "melt," they also taste a lot better when they're gooey. Try them on a s'more for a totally decadent post-Easter treat. I used to believe eating them stale was the way to go, but now I'm a Peep roast convert. – Molly Snyder

Yuppie Hill Poultry – Fresh from Burlington to your table, Yuppie Hill eggs are great: cage free, Omega 3-enhanced and vegetarian fed. I love these large grade-A eggs. Find them at your favorite grocer. – Jeff Sherman


speakthetruth | April 29, 2012 at 2:00 p.m. (report)

It would be nice to see a few things on the "recommendations" list which were events or volunteer opportunities or ongoing ways to enrich either one's life or the greater community. A list of potent potables and unnecessary retail purchases every few weeks gets a little old, not to mention seems a bit vapid. The Yuppie Hill eggs are a decent choice, but any kind of cultural offering would be better for one's brain than a roller derby deal--girls in fishnets or not.

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