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Amy LaVere plays at Hotel Foster this weekend.

In Living

Get a safe glow this summer with Beautisol self-tanners.

In Living

The lightweight FuelBelt is the perfect accessory for serious - or just thirsty - runners.

In Living

Partido is not the tequila from your college days. recommends, Aug. 6, 2011

Need a refresher during your 5K, or just a refreshing, sunless glow on your skin? What about some new music (and a chance to see it performed live)? That's just some of the cool stuff in store for you in this week's Recommends.

Amy LaVere – Stranger Me (Archer Music) – The third record from Detroit's LaVere was meant to be produced by the legendary Jim Dickinson, who had produced its predecessor "Anchors and Anvils," but he passed away and the job went to Craig Silvey, who produced The Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs." The result is a vibrant rock and roll record that draws on swampy blues ("Red Banks"), honky tonk balladry ("Come On") and poppy rock and roll ("Stranger Me"). My favorites are a cover of Captain Beefheart's "Candle Mambo," with its skewed waltz intro and the uber-catchy "A Great Divide." Both of those best showcase LaVere's upright bass playing and her understated rock and roll purr. You can hear the songs on stage Sunday, Aug. 7 when LaVere plays at The Hotel Foster, 2028 E. North Ave. – Bobby Tanzilo

FuelBelt Revenge R20 – Oh, FuelBelt, where were you when I needed you most (during that waterless Rock The Hoan 10K)? Unfortunately, I didn't get my two-bottle, one size fits all hydration belt until after the race, but this lightweight run buddy will be around my waist forevermore. The R20 offers molded holsters for easy one-handed entry and exit, and comes with a little zip-bag to hold a key, cash, phone, gels and ID. A total of 14 ounces of capacity should hold you long enough, and the belt is padded with a moisture-wicking back and ample reflective elements for max visibility. It comes in some pretty sassy colors, too, but as a dude, I ordered plain old black and white. For serious runners, or just for thirsty runners, the FuelBelt is $42 well-spent. – Andy Tarnoff

Beautisol self-tanning products – I am always looking for products to help create, maintain, maximize and extend the life of a safe, sunless tan. Beautisol, founded and developed by licensed esthetician and self-tan queen Sinead Norenius, recently sent me several samples of their self-tanning products. I am loving "Need I Glow More" Face Self Tanner for sensitive skin. I prefer to use these tinted products at night, so when I wake up the color is fully developed. Much to my delight, I woke the next morning moisturized, darker, bronzed, completely even and glowing! I achieved similar results with their body self-tanners and highly recommend their facial and body scrubs for pre-tanning. The product has a dark tint as a color guide and bronzer, but the most incredible feature of these products is the absence of the telltale self-tan odor than inevitably develops as the product reacts with your skin. – Lindsay Garric

Healthy Fair food – With all the hype attached to this year's new deep-fried creations (fried butter, anyone?), it's hard to imagine something healthy could survive at the State Fair for a minute. But whether you're watching your waistline or need a break from your Krispy Kreme cheeseburger, there's a variety of good-for-you foods mixed in with the standard offerings. The fair even has a page on their website devoted to healthier fair fare, making it even easier to find a tasty option that won't leave you feeling like you've lost years off your life. – Renee Lorenz

Starbucks smoothies - The lack of a night time yogurt shop and ice cream (I do like Kehr's at the Public Market but they don't do shakes) in Downtown has led me often to Starbucks. I really like their smoothies, and recommend strawberry with a hint of chocolate. No artificial flavors, dyes or high-fructose corn syrup, and they are less than 300 calories. At 16-fluid ounces they pack 15 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and one serving of fruit from one whole banana. It's a good, quick option. - Jeff Sherman

Partida Tequila Blanco – It's a shame that so many people still think that tequila's the swill they drank in college, masked with salt and a lime, that tasted more like a rubber tire than a fresh, floral top-shelf spirit. And I'm not talking what you think is fancy tequila, like Patron, which isn't bad, but it's in a different class entirely than Partida's offerings. This is authentic estate-bottled tequila, made from 100 percent blue agave from Mexico's Tequila region. You can put it in a margarita, of course, but it's better when sipped (and never shot). Partida makes several types of tequila, aged between six and 36 months. While I'm more or a Reposado or Anejo fan, the Blanco sent to me has a crisp, natural taste, with soft floral aromas and hints of citrus, fresh herbs and tropical fruit. I'd put it up to some of my favorites, like El Jimador and Chinaco, but Wine Enthusiast Magazine rates Partida as "classic," the best score it gives. If you've never tried amazing tequila, forget everything you know about this still underrated spirit. Give Partida a try and see how long it takes to become a connoisseur. – Andy Tarnoff

Xochitl chipotle cheese dip – For years, I have been a big fan of Xochitl organic white corn tortilla chips. They are super thin and not greasy, and even though they break easily, the lighter yet fuller taste is worth it. Recently, for the first time, I tried Xochitl's chipotle cheese dip and found it to be really good, which surprised me since I'm not a huge chipotle fan. I could definitely smell the chipotle more than I could taste it – which I appreciated. But best of all, the aged cheddar taste is really apparent and blows away the usual Velveeta-like cheese flavor in other queso dips. Like the chips, Xochitl's dip is a bit of a splurge – I paid $5 for a jar at World Market – but put it in your special treat category and enjoy. – Molly Snyder


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