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In Living Commentary

COA's made-from-scratch La Casa margarita is muy deliciosa.

In Living Commentary

Freshen up your man cave with no-frills Archer Air Superiority sprays. recommends, Dec. 15, 2012

A remastered record, mouthwatering margaritas and an unlikely air freshener – this and more is tickling our fancies this week. Read on and check out what stuff we like in this week's Recommends.

Massive Attack – "Blue Lines" 2012 mix/master (Virgin Records) – A musical bomb exploded in 1991, leaving behind a brown cardboard sleeve with a glowing flame in the center. It was "Blue Lines," the stunning debut from Bristol's Massive Attack (which, you may or may not recall, briefly shortened its name to Massive during the Gulf War). Introducing us to UK rapper Tricky and singer Shara Nelson, the record also brought Neneh Cherry back into the limelight and gave Horace Andy the spotlight he deserved. The music was described as trip-hop, for its spooky, ethereal take on hip-hop that was also heavily influenced by roots reggae and dub. It was a bass-heavy sound that shook walls and rattled windows. Last month Virgin reissued "Blue Lines" in a single-CD version, as standard and high-res downloads, and in a deluxe box that has the CD, two 180-gram vinyl LPs, a promo poster and a DVD with 96K/24-bit high resolution audio files. It's exactly the kind of care "Blue Lines" deserves. Now that I think about it, the next record, "Protection," deserves the same treatment. – Bobby Tanzilo

Coa's La Casa margarita – Once you try a made-from-scratch margarita, that lime green, mix-made liquid in the cactus glass no longer cuts it. COA, 5750 N. Port Washington Rd., takes margarita-making muy seriously, and the house margarita is simple and delicious. More tart than sweet, be sure to request salt to add another taste dimension. And think twice before ordering two – they don't skimp on tequila, either. – Molly Snyder

TED Talks – Of the many watchable gifts Netflix Instant has bestowed upon me lately, the TED Talks series is possibly the most soul-stirring. They're derived from years of video recorded at the TED conferences, two annual showcases of ideas presented by TED, a non-profit dedicated to providing a platform for "ideas worth spreading." The talks are short (TED asks its presenters deliver speeches that will "change the world" in 18 minutes or less), but their impact is funny, enlightening, entertaining, informational and ultimately, nothing short of profound. Check out these mind-opening snippets when you have a little time to spare, or set aside a day and marathon a list of them. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. – Renee Lorenz

Archer Air Superiority room sprays – You've built the perfect man room and pimped out your office, but your personal space still smells like, well, dude. There's an elegantly masculine solution for this, and it's not some girly air freshener that smells like a Bath & Body Works. Archer Air Superiority is one of the more clever products sent to me for review. The spray comes in three manly scents: European Sports Car, Distillery and Hunting Lodge, and each smells exactly how you'd imagine them to. My personal favorite is Hunting Lodge, because it reminds me of Up North, but Distillery is boozy and warm and perfect for my man room, while European Sports Car is definitely going to be sprayed in my car. The cans, too, are masculine, with a no-frills design in the almost exact shape of a WD-40 container. Interestingly, Archer Air Superiority has a Wisconsin connection: the Chicago business uses an Edgerton company for the manufacturing process, which is also quite green (its heady spray comes from nitrogen propellant). My only critique is that the sprays have a rather brief longevity, although Archer suggests a layering approach to build up the scent over time. With new scents and a manly dish soap in the works, this $14 purchase is a no-brainer. Trust me, your guests will appreciate it. – Andy Tarnoff


CoolerKing | Dec. 17, 2012 at 10:03 a.m. (report)

While the price tag on the Archer products is high, they are good scents. Unfortunately, Febreze and the other air freshener companies makes very overbearing, flowery stuff that smells like Grandma's cache. Not exactly what a bachelor like myself wants my place to smell like. There's a good market in this, and I was just thinking about that shortly before seeing the Archer sprays.

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