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Sriracha Rooster Sauce Popcorn: a "crunchy firestorm for your face." recommends, Sept. 9, 2012

Human foosball, autumn golf and the hallowed sauce that is Sriracha – find 'em all and more in this week's Recommends.

Sriracha Rooster Sauce Popcorn – You already know that Sriracha sauce, which is the best sauce in the world, goes on anything. Pizza, noodles, Bloody Marys, you name it. But it'd be sloppy on popcorn, so the guys who brought the world BaconSalt have teamed up with Web cartoon "The Oatmeal" to create Sriracha Rooster Sauce Popcorn. They call it a "crunchy firestorm for your face," and indeed, it's got a kick. I don't think it tastes identical to the sauce, though I haven't done a side-by-side taste test, but you certainly get the idea. At $6, it's very, very good. – Andy Tarnoff

"Montessori Letter Work" and "Montessori Number Work" by Bobby and June George (Abrams Appleseed) – Just in time for back to school shopping, two respected names in Montessori – they founded Sioux Falls' Baan Dek School – offer up a pair of tall board books that use a Montessori approach to teach young readers letters and sounds, and numbers. As at Montessori schools, the letter book teaches the sounds of the letters instead of the names. Mimicking the sandpaper letters in the classroom, each page allows kids to see and feel how to draw each letter, too. Similarly, the number book teaches kids to associate numbers with quantities rather than the names of the numbers. The same sandpaper approach teaches writing the digits. The books are colorful and attractive and when I showed them to my kids, they dove in eagerly, the elder – the one with Montessori experience – showing the younger how to use the sandpaper pages. – Bobby Tanzilo

Early fall golf at Brown Deer – I was at the course at Brown Deer Park recently and was bowled over by its beauty and condition. Despite a brutally hot summer, the course is lush and impeccably groomed, especially for a public course. Taking a walk on the course, even stopping now and then to hit a ball, is a remarkable experience in beauty and peaceful surroundings. Occasionally you may hear a swear word from another direction, but that only serves to provide a contrast to what's best about the game of golf. It's played in the most beautiful stadium you can imagine. With fall golf specials, this is a visit that ought to be on the list of every golfer. – Dave Begel

Human foosball at the lakefront – No, that's not a typo. If you've ever wanted to check out a sports league but were too intimidated to put your sub-par physical prowess on display, the Y's human foosball league was made for you. They'll be at the lakefront Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. giving Average and not-so-Average Joes alike the chance to strap into a harness and give the sport a whirl – for free, even. YMCA reps will also be on-hand to provide more information about this and other adult rec leagues they will offer around town this fall. Check out our blog for details. – Renee Lorenz



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