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That's pretty Milwaukee.

Social Circle: How "Milwaukee" are you?

The "Social Circle" is a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors. Every Monday, we ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in this column. Well-known Milwaukee movers and shakers will contribute, too.

Before the "I'm So Milwaukee" social media craze goes away – and it's almost time for it to go away – polled the Social Circle for their very best responses. Not surprisingly, they came up with some good ones.

Nice work, youse guys.

Marie Amdrae: "I'm so Mi-waukee I don't pronounce the 'L.'"

Katie Bosque: "I'm so Milwaukee, I could drive you to the Witch's House OR Candy Cane Lane. Your pick."

Carol Comp: "I'm so Milwaukee that I ordered Klement's Summer Sausage from California."

Luke Gaskell: "I'm so Milwaukee, I had a birthday party at the old Public Natatorium Restaurant and fed the dolphins."

Pam Hayes: "I'm so Milwaukee that I remember driving 94 to get Downtown and loving the smell of Red Star Yeast that permeated the freeway."

Katharine Hunt: "I'm so Milwaukee I was at the Oriental drug store closing and still own an 'I'm hooked on Oriental drugs' T-shirt."

Damien Jaques: "I'm so Milwaukee I ate at Gimbels Tasty Town – Downtown."

Kirk Jonssen: "'I'm so Milwaukee, I would vote for another Socialist mayor to get things back on track."

Nik Kovac: "I'm so Milwaukee I know what's a half-mile east of the airport on Layton…"

Meredith Grob Polewski: "I'm so Milwaukee that I saw Robin Yount's 2,997th, 2,998th, 2,999th and 3,000th hits at County Stadium."

Holly Jefferson: "I'm so Milwaukee I worked at Marc's Big Boy at Prospect Mall, Capitol Drive, Port Washington Road, Juneau Village and Oakland Avenue."

Richard Kerhin: "I'm so Milwaukee that my Pepsi Fan Club Brewers stadium cushion (for use at County Stadium during the 1982 season when they went to the World Series) has mustard stains on it."

Mary Halase: "'I'm so Milwaukee my first real paying job was at Leon's Custard stand on South 27th Street."

Susan Halverson Madayag: "I'm so Milwaukee that I know how to spell 'cryptosporidium.'"

Pamela Mo: "I'm so Milwaukee that I drink "soda" and get cash from a Tyme machine. I also say the word 'bag' like the "'a' in 'cake.'"

Tommy Riewe: "I'm so Milwaukee I remember all the trips to Goldmann's on Mitchell Street at Christmas time to get candy cherries on a wire for the tree and a huge bag of fresh candy raisins. Then we'd explore all the nooks and crannies of the store for hidden treasures."

Paul Schmitz: "I'm so Milwaukee I cheered for the Crusher, watched Albert the Alley Cat give weather forecasts, dialed for dollars when home sick from school to Howard and Rosemary Gurnett (nothing else to watch then but soaps), was a Milwaukee Journal paperboy, read comics in The Green Sheet, loved the way Bob Uecker called out Sixto Lezcano's name, thought Earl Gillespe was worthy of an autograph, had WLPX wings, gathered petitions for Tim The Rock and Roll Animal when he was on the ledge for The Who, hung out at Brewsters Cafe in high school, snuck into Century Hall and The Spruce Goose to see music, ate the all-you-can-eat spaghetti for $5 at the old Beans and Barley and remember when groups like REM and Laurie Anderson played concerts at the Oriental Theater."

Travis Schneider: "I'm so Milwaukee -- I worked at Northridge Mall."

Wendy Steinkircher-McNamara: "I'm so Milwaukee I wish I would have never moved."


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