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How does Hawaii sound right about now?

Social Circle: Would you move somewhere warm if you could?

The "Social Circle" is a group effort between readers, social networkers and the editors. Every Monday, we ask a question via Facebook and Twitter and then post the responses from our Facebook "likers" and Twitter followers in this column. Well-known Milwaukee movers and shakers will contribute, too.

Milwaukeeans like to complain about winter a lot, and for some, it's more sincere than others. Hence, this week, asked the Social Circle if they would really move somewhere warm, if it were feasible.

Add your responses via the Talkback feature. And hey, remember that March is almost over.

Vedran Ćavara: "Yes, Croatia. I am from there and during the summer it's absolutely gorgeous and not overly saturated with tourists."

Josh Christiansen: "I like having four seasons, even if the winter is a little long and the summer is too short/humid."

Steve Conradt: "Eagle River!"

Federico Cruz: "The Philippines. I moved here in January."

Steph Davies: "St. John. I would hike and canoe all the time. I would spend my afternoons reading in a hammock. When can I move?

Jim Draeger: "No. I am never leaving Wisconsin again."

Matt Gergeni: "Belize!"

Steven Hawley: "Cudahy."

Larry Johnson: "I used to think the Gulf Coast. I've crossed out so many that now I'd live in Milwaukee if all the summers were guaranteed to be like 2012."

Alan Kiedrowski: "Yep, New Orleans is my fav place ever!"

Shannon Knapp: "Loved living in New Orleans and all over Louisiana. Warm is wonderful. However, it's also where stupid people congregate because they would die in the cold. Love going the the islands every year, but it's too much of a party to be real life. I would be really happy in a milder climate but our family business, Milwaukee Blacksmith, kinda fits here."

Tammy Kolbe: "Arizona."

Erin Shea Linnane: "We are always looking at properties in Belize and Costa Rica for retirement, but that is pretty far off."

Denise Lubotsky: "Not warm, but warmer. Pacific Northwest."

Brit McCulley: "Arizona is quite lovely. As a former Wisconsinite, I would recommend it to anyone."

Amy Mizialko: "Maui."

Steve Pittsley: "Yes. New Mexico, California, Nevada, Texas or Kentucky."

Maria Holden Raboin: "We moved from Milwaukee to the San Francisco suburbs. I miss the seasons change, actual cold weather and I honestly miss the snow. Would move back to Milwaukee in a second!"

Tammie Strause: "Love Milwaukee and the surrounding area, but this cold weather gets old fast."

Jeanette Sunrain: "I would like somewhere at least not as cold and small chance of snow. Seattle."

Autumn Whitlow: "I hate bugs, so no. I like that go away and die for a few months."


MilwaukeeCity | March 24, 2013 at 4:41 p.m. (report)

I don't know how or why anyone would want to live here year round. If my wife would agree to it I would be living in Palm Beach. Why spend more than half the year inside their house waiting for summer. If I were single I would be gone, I can still fly back or drive back to see family in the summer. This place is a wasteland.

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