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Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee

Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee

Fro Zone, the first restaurant of its kind to offer these Thai-inspired ice cream rolls in Milwaukee opened its doors on June 1. Since then, the line has been consistently out of the door. Fro Zone gets its name from a Disney "Incredibles" character with freezing abilities.The trend has been all over Instagram and Facebook [...] The post Thai-Inspired Ice Cream Shop Hits Milwaukee appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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8 items we want
Fein Brothers - sponsor of OnMilwaukee Dining Month - is having a huge inventory reduction sale this week, from Thursday to Saturday, Oct. 19-21. Since there are just 66 days until Christmas - but who's counting, right? - we decided to stop over and make a little kitchen wish list.
Kids and sushi
Taking kids out for sushi could very easily be a waste of money - especially with picky, noodle-focused eaters like the author's were for years.
Dining at and around MU
Sick of dorm food? Soxedo giving you stomach aches again? Well, you're in luck you as you've found OnMilwauke's Marquette dining guide - a curated list of all the best restaurants from 6th Street to 23rd Street and Kilbourn to the north to St. Paul to the south. There are also links to several dining guides in Third Ward, Downtown and Old World Third St., if you are feeling adventurous or if the parents said they are buying a nice dinner for you and roommates!
Grimaldi's at The Corners
When Grimaldi's Pizzeria opens at The Corners of Brookfield, 20119 Lord St., on Friday, Nov. 10, it will be something of a rarity: one of just two coal-fired pizzerias in the area, along with Elkhorn's Holi Cannoli.