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You can't go wrong with flowers.

Great gifts remind mom you love her

Mother's Day is upon us -- it's this Sunday, May 10 -- and if you're at a loss for what to give mom, we've got some suggestions for you.

Maybe you're tired of giving the same old stuff or you like to mix it up and have run out of ideas. Either way, we're here to help.

But, in the end, remember, moms still love flowers.

Molly Snyder Edler
Staff Writer
Pick: Gift card for clothing

I really can't believe I am writing this, but it's true. I want a gift card for Mom's Day.

This request is not in the spirit of Mother's Day, I know, and a better matriarch might ask for a scribbled-on flower pot or a yarn-and-noodle necklace, but I have sacrificed fashion for my kids enough throughout the year. Since their birth, I no longer shop with reckless abandon; hell, I've been wearing the same winter coat for (gasp) four years. So I'm due for some new couture.

Most of the time, I get more joy from buying things for my boys than I do from buying myself a new pair of jeans. However, if someone is going to drop a few bucks on me, it might as well be for something I really want. So albeit generic and lame, a gift card to Urban Outfitters or any indie boutique in the city would really make my day.

Julie Lawrence
Staff Writer
Pick: Babysitting and other services

Moms are among the busiest people on the planet, so gifts that offer time-saving qualities are always appreciated. I just discovered Care4Hire, a Web site database designed to assist families in finding a quality babysitter, housekeeper, tutor, companion / eldercare, pet sitter and more. The site offers tools like helpful interview questions, as well as other tips and advice for connecting with the caregivers. Maybe a membership is just what mom needs this year to help find a little free time for herself?

Drew Olson
Senior editor
Pick: A family photo or scrapbook

There is nothing wrong with taking Mom out for brunch or a nice dinner on Mother's Day. The problem is that everybody the world shares the same vision. I think it's better to have Mom over for a home-cooked meal -- or maybe meals, if brunch spills then leads to an early-evening cookout. It takes a little advance planning, but if you plan a family portrait or assemble a scrapbook, you can definitely hit a home run. Moms love to show off their kids and grandkids. Get everyone together at a studio -- or the park on a nice day -- put everyone in matching clothes and snap away. Or, you can take photos from family events and create a scrapbook.

Maureen Post
Pick: Flowers/plants

Five years ago or so, my sisters and I started the combo tradition of Mother's Day gift and activity all rolled into one. Each year, as a gift, we buy all the annual plants and flowers for my mom's garden and then spend the day planting. I think it's a great gift; even though it's essentially the same thing every year, the chosen plants and flowers are always a little bit different.

Bobby Tanzilo
Managing Editor
Pick: Dinner out

Odds are that you mom pretty much has what she wants by now, in terms of stuff. So, give her an experience to remember. Treat her and dad to a romantic dinner somewhere or if she'd prefer, take her out for a nice meal with the whole family somewhere. Because she doesn't have to worry about what to make or do the dishes, mom can focus on the people she loves. See our brunch guide for some Mother's Day specials.


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