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Andy loves the Sensu Brush. Recommends, April 27, 2013

Tasty candy, Milwaukee art, NBA playoffs and more in this week's edition of Recommends.

Goody Good Stuff – I don't usually eat sugary candy and if I do, dark chocolate is more my jam than say, Gummi Bears. But, when a box full of Goody Good Stuff arrived on my doorstep, no amount of willpower could stop my hands from ripping open the brightly packaged "Sour Fruit Salad." I suddenly remembered why people like this stuff. A rough, almost crisp layer of sugary coating gives way to a chewy, sweet/sour middle that is vaguely reminiscent of the fruit the candy is shaped in. However, unlike traditional gummi candies, Goody Good Stuff is made with all natural ingredients and colors. Plus it's vegan, meaning it's made sans gelatin. Is it better for you? Well, it's really comparing gummi apples and gummi oranges. The first two ingredients are still sugar – and sugar is sugar no matter what the source, so be sure to eat this "healthier" version of a classic naughty treat in moderation. Learn more at – Lindsay Garric

Vlad Borimsky on – I'm an Etsy addict. I can and have spent hours browsing this e-commerce mecca of handcrafted goods. It's always fun to type in "Milwaukee" or "Wisconsin" to see what kind of artwork and memorabilia the search engine brings up. Recently I stumbled upon the Etsy shop of New York-based photographer Vlad Borimsky. In his profile he writes that his background is in design, drawing and painting, and you can really see it in the digital photographs, especially the ones of Milwaukee, which are mesmerizing black-and-whites of landmarks and ordinary scenes alike. My favorite is his photograph of the Calatrava, which is probably unlike anything you've seen before. And his prices aren't bad, either. – Colleen Jurkiewicz

NBA Playoffs – There is no greater sports recommendation to make than Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs series between the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat on Sunday afternoon at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The game tips at 2:30 p.m. and features the likely NBA MVP in LeBron James of the Heat, as well Defensive Player of the Year candidate Larry Sanders of the Bucks. It's just the second home playoff game for the Bucks since 2010, so it's worth heading downtown for an afternoon of postseason basketball. Before what could be the Bucks' season finale Sunday afternoon, hit the BMOHBC on Saturday night to see Game 2 of the AHL playoffs between the Milwaukee Admirals and Texas Stars. A weekend full of playoff action! – Jim Owczarski

Sensu Brush – You haven't really created art on your tablet if you've only used your fingers. I realized this when I picked up a cheap stylus and started playing around with the Paper app on my iPad. But something is still missing when drawing with a cheap, lightweight stick with a nub of rubber on the end. The Sensu Brush changes that. Effectively a stylus and a paintbrush, it feels real when sweeping it across the capacitive touch screen. While I'm not a great painter, this tool has just the right amount of give, length and weight to bring out your best. It also has a stylus tip for less precise work. For digital artists and hobbyists alike, this is a no-brainer at $40. – Andy Tarnoff


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