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In Marketplace Commentary

Powerful. Mini.

In Marketplace Commentary

Molly thinks this bookshelf could be the perfect addition to her house, maybe you have been looking for one too? Powerful. Mini.

In Marketplace Commentary

Local band Midwest Death Rattle has gained Nick as a huge fan.

In Marketplace Commentary

The perfect summer white wine.

In Marketplace Commentary

Add this book to your rotation!

#WeWant a bookshelf, magnets, wine, music and more

Welcome to #WeWant, a weekly selection of the stuff editors and staffers love.

Use it: Bookshelf book stand
I have always wanted a freestanding book / dictionary stand and this one, as a combo bookshelf, justifies the floor space that a dictionary stand would acquire. (I have a small house, these things have to be considered.) Also, I really like the style of this one and it would go well with the other items in my house retrieved from shuttered churches. -- Molly Snyder

Stick it: Rare Earth Neodymium magnets
I looked at my refrigerator the other day and realized that it's gotten out of hand. Random scraps of paper, kids' drawing and barely-hanging photos tacked into place by free, ugly magnets that have been accumulated from no-idea-where. And then I remembered reading about Neodymium magnets. These tiny discs – and I mean, they are tiny, like the head of a small nail tiny – pack a wallop of a pull force. The first set I bought were the itsy-bitsy 1/8-inch diameter by 1/16-inch thick, and they could easily hold a photo on my fridge. The second larger set, at 1/4-inch diameter, has a pull force of 1.6 pounds. In other words, these aren't toy magnets, but with 100 in a pack for under $7, you can find all sorts of uses for them: crafts, keeping cabinets closed, you name it. One super-cool use for the tiniest version: paired with stainless steel collar stays, you can put them behind your dress shirts' collars and everything will stay neatly in place. Just don't play around these magnets if you have a pacemaker. Yes, they are that strong. -- Andy Tarnoff

Listen to it: Midwest Death Rattle
I won't attempt the tangled analogies that often come with music reviews, but I will tell you this: Midwest Death Rattle is a great local band and I can't get enough. I caught the tail end of a show at Summer Soulstice and the group's been in solid rotation since. Name your price for a digital download of the band's eponymous album on bandcamp or grab it on vinyl at your local record store. -- Nick Barth

Drink it: Domaine Spiropoulos Mantinia
This organically grown Greek wine is one of my summer favorites after I was able to try the 2012 a few weeks back at Braise. The wine itself is a greenish yellow and has a very delicate floral taste that isn't overly sweet on the palate, thankfully. The acidity of the citrus flavors as well as the mineral balance out the dry wine nicely. I liked this wine so much I've even been known to ask other restaurants what they have that's similar. -- Carolynn Buser

Read it: Everything I Need To Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book (Little Golden Books (Random House) by Diane E. Muldrow
I love simple books like this one. And, since Little Golden Books are seemingly a part of everyone's childhood this is a not only a great idea but makes a great gift. Filled with original images from these best-loved children's books of all time, it's laced with life lessons and tips, too. A fun, easy read and as I said also a great gift idea. -- Jeff Sherman


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