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Ready to try your hand at using a smoker?

In Marketplace Commentary

This award-winning limited edition Wisconsin cheese from Sartori is a must try.

In Marketplace Commentary

This polo from Dirtball doesn't look dirty at all.

In Marketplace Commentary

Wanting to take that beer to-go?: Well, maybe the Brew2Go is your solution.

In Marketplace Commentary

Looking for a movie to add to your Netflix or Amazon Prime list?

#WeWant Sartori cheese, a smoker, Dirtball clothing and more

Welcome to #WeWant, a weekly selection of the stuff editors and staffers love.

Smoke with it: Smoker Mountain Cooker System
I am an OK cook, but I am totally at one with my grill. I grill out all year, blizzards included, and will throw anything on it from steaks to pineapple to pizzas. Recently, I thought about trying a new form of outdoor cooking and started pricing smokers. They are a little more than I want to throw down right now, but if I were to buy one, it would be this one. I like the size, the price and the appearance. –Molly Snyder

Nibble it: Sartori limited edition extra-aged goat cheese
Made up in Plymouth this limited gem has, since 2012, arrived but twice a year and is again available this month and next at specialty cheese shops and on the Satori web site. Made from goat's milk from LaClare Farms, this aged cheese has the consistency of parmesan, but without the saline bite, and the sweet milkiness of an aged asiago. There's also a savory tone that comes with a crisp mouth feel. When folks talk about the high quality of Wisconsin cheese, this is exactly what they mean. It's no surprise it's won awards, including a gold medal at Britain's Global Cheese Awards. –Bobby Tanzilo

Wear this: Dirtball recycled clothing
I was both suspicious and intrigued to hear that there's a company out there selling clothes made from recycled water bottles and cotton, but when I received a polo shirt, T-shirt and pair of chinos from Dirtball, my doubts faded away. I don't quite know how the company can turn seven water bottles in a thick and fashionable blue polo shirt, but it does. Same with their "Dirtball Chino," which uses 70 percent recycled cotton, 30 percent recycled poll and 15 water bottles per pair. And the T-shirt, well, it's really, really comfortable, and of course, also made from old stuff. So, yes, eco-friendly can be cool. Obviously, wearing clothes with a tag that says "Dirtball" may raise a few eyebrows, but just tell the doubters that you're clad in recycled bottles. That'll shut them up. Maybe. –Andy Tarnoff

Watch it: "Mission Impossible III"
There's a new Tom Cruise movie coming out this week – "Edge of Tomorrow," sadly no longer called "All You Need Is Kill" – so why not recommend a movie from the star's resume? Let's go for a deep cut with … "Mission Impossible III"? Really? No, a giant blockbuster with a $150 price tag doesn't exact qualify as a deep cut, but the third cinematic adventure of super spy Ethan Hunt didn't exactly make like gangbusters. It's easily the lowest grossing of the franchise, outgrossed in 2006 by the likes of "Click" and "Over the Hedge" despite a prime early May opening. Most of this was because of the rampant post-couch jumping anti-Tom Cruise sentiment during the middle of the last decade. It should've been a hit – or at least a bigger hit – but instead it was proof that one of its biggest stars, its ultimate sure bet, was tainted goods. Too bad, because it should be remembered as a pretty slick spy picture. "MI:3" may not be the best of the bunch – that would be "Ghost Protocol" – but it is arguably a strong silver medalist, delivering a sharp, entertaining ride. J.J. Abrams, making his feature film debut, directs the twisty, turny, sneaky, snoopy action with snap, the action is intense and the story is invested with surprising emotional weight, with much credit due to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman's simmering, truly menacing turn as the film's big bad Owen Davian.

And then there's Cruise, proving why he was Hollywood's biggest movie star with the kind of on-screen charisma the Aaron Taylor Johnsons and Liam Hemsworths wish they had a thimble of. Audiences fairly neglected "Mission Impossible 3" when it came out. Now, most of society has moved its collective rage onto new celebrities (though judging by the box office returns for "Oblivion" and "Jack Reacher," it's hard to say his star has completely recovered), and "MI:3" hits Netflix Instant this Sunday. Perhaps give it a look now that it's okay to like Tom Cruise again. –Matt Mueller

Chill it: Brew2Go and BeerNStein
I immediately took the covers off these as they restricted the flow of liquid of these drinking accessories, which I guess if you're driving in a golf cart or something are a good idea. The Brew2Go did keep my beer cold while I was grilling, but I didn't notice an advantage over a can coozie. The beer stein didn't keep my 24 ounces of Point IPA (two cans) cold to the end. I've never seen the need to have 24-ouncers in a container. It would be a great addition to my golf bag if it fit in a cup holder, but other than that I'd have no use for it. I have plenty of one-liter and 24-ounce steins at home that rarely get used and for which I paid a fraction of the price. Instead of clear, I'd like to see one with a brown transparent tint and/or an opaque material; something that would keep direct sunlight of the liquid, and would probably help with insulation. If it were, say, half the $16.99 price, I might recommend getting a Brew2Go. The BeerNStein I don't think I'd recommend – I couldn't see myself using it and since it's too big to fit in a cup holder it's pretty pointless to have on a golf course where it'd be the only place I'd need a 24-ounce container. –Brandon Kelly


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