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Drown out that snoring without blowing the entire room around with this handy noise machine.

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The Krups pot, which is easy to prep and thankfully easy to clean, makes 12 espresso cups of eight mugs' worth of sweet, potent joe.

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Your ukulele will always be in tune with this handy clip-on tuner.

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Make life easier when multiple keys that look identical with the Keyport.

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Never get citrus seeds in your recipes with this juicer.

#WeWant sound machine, coffee maker, keyport, juicer and more

Welcome to #WeWant, a weekly selection of the stuff editors and staffers love.

Quiet it: Marpac Sound Machine
If you're one of those people who sleeps better with a fan on in your bedroom, then you should take a look at this. While Marpac calls its invention a "sound conditioner," it appears to simply be a fan inside an enclosure with some holes on top. But it's more than that. Somehow, the "Dohm" is acoustically tuned to drown out snoring and other distractions, and it makes a loud (but not too loud) shushing sound without blowing air all around. I, too, was suspicious at its $50 price tag, but the 4,500 glowing reviews on Amazon encouraged me to take the plunge. Now, I'm legitimately sleeping better every night, and while I can still hear my wife's snoring, somehow it feels less obtrusive. This thing just works. I might buy one for the office, too. -- Andy Tarnoff

Brew with it: Krups T.8 Moka Brewer
Lately, Krups has been attending to my emergency office caffeine needs, with its electric tea kettle (at left in the photo) and more recently with this new moka coffee pot (at right). At home, I'm a devotee of the stovetop moka pot for my espresso, but, there's no stove here in the office and though I've used an electric moka maker at work before, the smell tended to have people popping over (coincidentally, of course) and so it didn't have enough capacity to satisfy demand. The Krups pot, which is easy to prep and thankfully easy to clean, makes 12 espresso cups of eight mugs' worth of sweet, potent joe. -- Bobby Tanzilo

Tune with it: Clip-on ukelele tuner
I now have two ukeleles in my house and no one knows how to play them. This must change. Recently, I was shopping around for tuners because the instruments are notorious for falling quickly out of tune. This one has great reviews and the price is right so it's officially on my want list. Once I get it, I'm just a few hundred You Tube videos away from plucking out a barely-recognizable "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." -- Molly Snyder

Attach it: The Keyport Slide
The Keyport Slide 2.0 is an awesome space, pocket, purse and time saver. Keys are housed in a block and slide in and out as needed. There's a ton of accessories for the Keyport from USB sticks to bottle openers. My Keyport has all my house keys, car key, flashlight and 4GB USB stick. The is only one downside to the Keyport. It only holds six keys/accessories.

My other concern is that the USB stick is long and not very sturdy. I've gotten around this by only extending the USB out of the housing far enough to make the proper connection with the port. The keys seem a little loose in the housing, but this hasn't caused any issues and I don't see it being an issue in the future. Being that the keys/accessories are interchangeable It's just one of the trade-offs.

Keys can be cut on any standard key cutting machine, though the only place that would cut mine in town was Brady Street Hardware. I love it, and it's definitely made life easier specially at home where I have multiple keys that look identical. " -- Brandon Kelly

Juice with it: Progressive International CJ-3 Citrus Juicer
I don't know about you, but I am not the best at getting the juice out of my lemons or limes when needing it for a recipe or drink. The Progressive Citrus Juicer has been my new best friend in the kitchen -- it could be yours too! The juicer base itself it big enough for limes, lemons and oranges. The dome lid doubles as a measuring cup and has printed measurements in tablespoons, cups and milliliters on it. How handy is that! Plus, the pour spout means less squirting all over my kitchen island. And even better? No seeds in my recipes. -- Carolynn Buser


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