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Courtney Finley (right), wife of Green Bay Packers' Jermichael Finley, may be one of the wives featured on the new daytime talk show "The Better Half."

TV has gone Green and Gold

Win or lose, like the Packers did on Sunday, one thing remains constant – Packers programming gets eyeballs.

In TV land, where ratings are king, local outlets know that if they take the time to cover the storied NFL franchise, people will watch. True, more will watch if the team has a winning season, but even through the losses the ratings points continue to be strong.

As long as there have been cameras to capture the footage, TV stations have aired various programming throughout the years. NFL Films has some of the best footage around and continues to produce wonderful, historic programs featuring the greats in the games. Networks and cable outlets try to outbid each other for the honor to broadcast games.

And, there's local programming with sports reporters sharing their takes and exclusive interviews with players and coaches, there are highlight shows and the normal game recap programs.

But, sometimes the local programming goes further, as some of you sports fans can remember. WISN-TV Ch. 12 had "Pack Attack" with fun items like using a speed gun to measure how fast Brett Favre could throw a ball. And there was the show with the wife of Reggie White hosting a cooking program called "Sara on the Sidelines." This never was what I'd consider "great" television, but fans watched.

Coaches and players have had their own shows throughout the years too, ones that have aired in single markets, or have been syndicated to multiple channels throughout Wisconsin and Michigan's U.P.

Currently, Packers coach Mike McCarthy has his own program that airs locally on WTMJ-TV Ch. 4, and WISN-TV Ch. 12 has "Inside the Huddle," which has in the past featured receiver Donald Driver. As the latter enters its 10th season, Driver is joined by Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb along with co-host Drew Smith.

Agents and management teams work with the coaches and players and the local broadcast outlets to bring shows like this one together. Often the management team then secures a number of advertisers, as do the stations, to bring the show to air. Lammi Sports Management is the agency behind "Inside the Huddle" and a similar show in Illinois, "Chicago Huddle." This year, the agency is brings two new shows to the air.

The first aired Sunday on WDJT-TV CBS 58 at 10 a.m. "Green Bay Nation" featured Jermichael Finley and Leslie Spoon standing in front of a virtual set on a green screen. The pair talked about how the team was doing through the preseason, what to expect with the 49ers and other team-related topics. In other segments, the pair covered different stories in sports at the college and professional levels and got social with access to questions from fans via Twitter and Facebook.

"Everyone knows Packers fans are the best in the world, hands down," Finley said in a statement. "John (Kuhn), Mason (Crosby) and I are going to have a lot of fun with them during this show. I think the fans are going to enjoy it."

Lammi Sports is also working with a number of Packers players' wives for a show called "The Better Half." Producers promise that this daytime talker will be very different from the "foul-mouthed" wives shows that you may be familiar with on cable stations like Bravo. Here, I'm told it will be more like ABC's "The View," with the women discussing family and community topics.

The folks at WLUK-TV Fox 11 in Green Bay are producing, and it is set to air Friday at 1 p.m. locally on WITI-TV Fox 6.

DISORDERLY CONDUCT: It's doubtful that I-Team investigator Rob Koebel will offer a report for WTMJ-TV Ch. 4 anytime soon. The reporter was cited for disorderly conduct following an alleged incident in which a Bayshore security guard witnessed Koebel urinating outside of the Apple store. According to a report from the Whitefish Bay Patch, Koebel lives in an apartment above the store. Although his firing has not been confirmed, as WTMJ-TV does not comment on personnel matters, Koebel's bio has been removed from the station's website.

WTMJ-AM 620 did report this incident on its air last week, but the report is not on either the TV or radio station's websites. This also wasn't reported online by the Journal-Sentinel, which like WTMJ-TV, is owned by Journal Communications.

IN THE VALLEY: Fox Business Network is offering a details look into Silicon Valley starting Wednesday. Liz Claman will talk to officials from Intel, Klout, Pandora and others in her three-day series.



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