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The cast of "Buckwild" on MTV plan to entertain the masses in 2013.

May this year in media be better than the last

As we welcome in 2013, we can only hope things will get better from here.

"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is still on the air and I hold out hope that TV will become more intelligent. But, alas, I, too, will learn to follow the entertaining child's advice and "holla for the dolla" with the best of them. I wish more people would flock to scripted programs with excellent writing and superior acting, but I realize more people will watch the convergence of ignorance and apathy in a reality show.

People love to watch a train wreck, and the introduction of "Buckwild" on MTV proves it.

"American Idol" promises more drama as new judges Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey will do their best to have the spotlight on them rather than the contestants. At least the first weeks of the show hitting the air this month on Fox are always entertaining as we get to laugh at the singers who don't make it through the screening process.

Hey, remember when "Pants On The Ground" warmed our collective souls and Brett Favre sang it to get his Vikings teammates fired up before a playoff game … good times, good times.

But there will be good things coming this year too. "Arrested Development" returns to the air this spring, and fan favorite "Community" has finally found a home on NBC's primetime schedule. Actor Kevin Bacon leads the cast on the anticipated "The Following" and Courtney Cox and her cast-mates on ABC's "Cougar Town" find a new home for new episodes on TBS.

Many AMC fans are also feeling a little bittersweet as this year brings the final season of "Breaking Bad." An early prediction – it will be the most watched cable series in 2013, and with shows like "Game of Thrones" and "Walking Dead," it won't be an easy race to win.

OVER THE POND: Although "Big Brother" has never been a top-tier reality show in the U.S., the show that originated in the U.K. does a bit better overseas.

When Lindsay Lohan arrived in London over the weekend, the tabloid newspapers were speculating that the embattled actress was there to start shooting a celebrity edition of the show. However, according to the sources TMZ pays to get information from, the idea is nowhere close to reality.

Apparently, as TMZ pointed out, there is no way she'd be able to be locked into a house as she has to keep up with her court appearances.

INTRODUCTIONS: In 2013, we can pretty much bank on the fact that the Super Bowl will be one of the most-watched events of the year. The biggest game in the NFL has a great ratings history, commands the top advertising dollars and in turn is watched by millions.

One great idea – and incredible opportunity – is what the show organizers are planning for the halftime show on CBS. Pepsi is going to make it possible for 100 fans to introduce Beyonce on the field for the Feb. 3 performance in New Orleans.

People have until Jan. 21 to enter and can find details at


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