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Nikki and Lorri Tierney run Tribute Talent and are the stars of "Mother of All Talent" on TVGN.

TV Guide Network series focuses on child talent agency

Sometimes it is the situation that the cast of characters are in that make the show. At other times, it is the personality of the cast itself that makes a program worth watching.

The latter is the case for "Mother Of All Talent," which premieres on Tuesday, Oct. 22, on the TV Guide Network.

Meet Lorri Tierney and her mother Nikki, who run a child casting agency out of Lorri's home on Staten Island. Lorri is the diplomatic and compassionate one, while Nikki is the brash, but lovable mother as they work together to evaluate talent and land gigs in TV, film and commercials for brands like Hasbro, Pampers, Downey, GE and FedEx.

I had the opportunity to screen the first two shows in the eight-episode docu-series that will air Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. on TVGN.

In the first episode, we get introduced to the regular cast of characters with Nikki, Lorri, Lorri's three sons, the office assistant, Erica, and a best friend that also does work around the office.

There's a former Playboy playmate who brings in her daughter to find an agent and abruptly leaves when Nikki comments on the size of her knockers and asks if Hugh Hefner "slipped her the sausage." This was one conversation this mother probably did not want to have in front of her daughter. Overbearing stage moms have been the stars in other reality shows, so it is refreshing to see a show where we get the perspective from the people who have to deal with them.

For Nikki, she has first-hand experience being a stage mom herself. When Lorri was a child, she noticed the talent early and worked with her to help get modeling jobs and acting gigs. Lorri has the experience from the child performer and stage mom perspective. Lorri appeared in a number of print and commercial campaigns, placed in a Miss Teen America pageant and was nominated for an Irene Ryan Award.

Anyone with knowledge of stage acting knows about the work the actress who played Granny on the "Beverly Hillbillies" has done to benefit young and aspiring actors. Being nominated at the level for an Irene Ryan award is quite a compliment.

Lorri has also cast her son on "Sex and the City," and has represented other child actors for "Zero Dark Thirty" and "The Departed."

In the rest of the first episode, the mother-daughter duo search for a triple threat client, a child that can sing, dance and act. At the end of the half-hour show, we see that one of the five children they sent to the casting landed a spot on a commercial for toy-maker Hasbro.

Drama fills the plot line of the second episode, and keeps the viewer watching as the Tribute Talent team has to track down a young actor and his mom as the soap "All My Children" had a change in its shooting schedule. One major problem, Lorri has to get her mom out of her house, as she is freaking out from an invasion by cicada bugs.

"Child stars are everywhere in Hollywood, and they all got their start somewhere," Brad Schwartz, the TVGN president said in a statement. "Behind every Leo, Lindsay and Macaulay, is a Nikki and Lorri – agents working hard to find the next great talent. Forget New York and L.A., this series is fresh and fun and keeps it real on Staten Island."

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