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Nuna Minch's "Brutal" certainly looks like it has earned its title.

Minch launches "Brutal" film during horror season

Most people who know Milwaukee's Nuna Minch, think of him as a musician in his eponymous band -- Nuna -- and especially as a musician who has overcome some serious obstacles. Two days after a serious car accident, Minch performed at Summerfest in a wheelchair and wearing braces on his neck and back.

But when Minch's debut film, "Brutal," screens Thursday, Oct. 30 at 7 p.m. at the Downer Theatre, that all might change.

Minch shot the full-length horror flick with a single digital camera and his friends starring a group of ghost hunters and documentarians searching a haunted river site in Caledonia for a missing boy.

"It is sure to push buttons and generate some controversy as most films that strive to go past the usual do," says Minch via e-mail. "The cast is new and fresh and much of the action is 'real.'

"Budgets didn't provide for breakaway or padded walls or fake instruments of death. Concussions, broken bones and real blood were a daily outcome of shooting."

In addition to Minch, the cast includes Anya Minch, Andrea Minch, Mark Minch, Paddy Fineran, Mclain Kittleson, Michael Viers, Jacqulyn Rousseau, Roni Alwaise and Mike Schoen

Although the screening has sold out, there is am after party at The Monkey Bar, 1619 S. 1st St., and Fineran, Minch's manager, says other opportunities to see the film are in the works.

"As the Oct. 30 show sold out 12 days in advance a lot of people got stuck without tickets so we're going to try to get the movie into places like UWM Union Theater and Marquette and obviously hope for distribution," he said.


High_Life_Man | Oct. 28, 2008 at 8:49 a.m. (report)

If you want to see a truly brutal movie, rent the French movie "Inside." Holy $h*t!

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