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So, what do you think - wanna see Cousin It doing it?

Hometown girl / adult movie mogul makes Sweet Mess a reality

I have no problem with porn. In fact, I consider it a public service.

Think of all the people who rely on their DVD collections as inspiration for solo physical companionship. Consider the countless couples who spice up their love lives with a little movie action.

For me, it's like Kopp's chocolate malt custard; it's OK to indulge every once in a while and it's really fun to fantasize about when your favorite flavor is going to be available next.

The fascination with porn is undeniable. Mention porn or sex in your blog and you are assured a top click. (Even the weather guys are going to use this trick now.)

The AVN (Adult Video News) Awards are now featured on regular cable. The show consists of an almost Oscar-like production, with slightly more hair extensions and plastic surgery, less clothing and no need for "bleeps."

(Thank goodness anything goes verbally, otherwise the whole thing would be an ear ringing tone more like an emergency broadcast system test than a celebration of cinematic flesh bumping.)

Musicians like Dave Navarro (of Jane's Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers fame) have created a second career in the adult film world and porn's brightest female stars are crossing over into mainstream film, commercials and television – successfully.

Whether they admit it or not, most everybody loves porn.

And so does my Milwaukee-born girl Steviee Hughes, who has made a career out of it. She'll be releasing her company Sweet Mess' first feature length film, "The Addams Family: An Exquisite Films Parody" in mid-August.

Steviee lived here until she was 7, moved to Alabama and ultimately to Los Angeles. Much of her family still lives here and although she hasn't been back in a decade (I'm working on changing that), Steviee remembers "everyone had a bar in their basement" and that "there was a beer depot next to every Catholic church."

So, how did a nice Midwestern girl end up an adult movie mogul?

Responding to an ad for a Web designer, Steviee was hired at Rodney Moore's growing adult online empire 15 years ago, when they were still manually entering credit card numbers.

"Now I edit, design box covers, production manage, and I guess even produce and direct at times," says Steviee. "Basically, everything but star in them!"

Some dreams you never knew you had really do come true.

For Steviee and co-worker Fran Marquez, starting their own film production company, Sweet Mess, was the logical next step.

Constantly brainstorming film ideas, Steviee mentioned an Addams Family parody. Backing from Moore and a partnership with Exquisite Films led to a script and assembling an A-list cast of porn icons and AVN Award winners including icon Nina Hartley and my personal favorite male legend, Evan Stone.

Why a parody as the debut from Sweet Mess?

"They are more fun, entertaining and appeal to women – not just men. Porn doesn't have to always be the same old stuff for guys that people think is so dirty. It can be funny and hot!"

They also shoot "softcore" versions of scenes in parodies so they can be shown on cable.

Check for production stills and a soon to be released trailer and blog.

Even if you really, really like porn, you may still wanna ask yourself if you
are ready to see Cousin It doing it.


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