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the response

the response would like to stay away from lables but they consider themselves a tight mix of punk rock,indie rock,&80's hair rock. Though no member in the band has big hair or wares spandex,you can hear the influence in the guitars. there shows are tight and packed with energy focusing on fun and friendships with fans and other bands.

Names of band members:
steve kerwin, mike b, jesus,peter p

Other, Rock

the beatles, figurehead,jimmy eat world, alkaline trio,green day,sunny day realestate,hot rod circut,the getup kids,jawbreaker,brandnew,paris texas,dismemberment plan,the atf,guns'n'roses,the benjamins,manplanet,the faint,jets to brazil,foo fighters,the etiquette(sp),sponge bob squair pants, the simpsons, the family guy,george lucas,our moms and dads,sex!!!!!

the band started in early 2001 and recorded a demo that fall. after playing shows with bands like the faint,the benjamins,and starlight mints there first guitar player quit to be in a rad band called the last place champs. the response then asked steve to join the band after seeing him play in bands like radio tokyo and last flight home. with the addition af a new lead singer/guitar player(steve) the response is ready to take on the world with harmonizing guitars and rich lead and backing vocals over a hard hitting bass ripping rythem section. they are currently on a compalation put out by varcity records, and will be recording a song for the 414 click compalation coming out in fall.


Booking Information:
aaron or dan 414.839.6346

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There are no upcoming events scheduled.

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