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Miss Alexa Aimes is definitely not your average performer.
Miss Alexa Aimes is definitely not your average performer.

Scatterbrains podcast: adult film actress Alexa Aimes

In episode six, I speak with an extremely funny, talented and giving person. She emancipated herself when she was 16 years old, she double majored in biology and physiology, she gives prizes to people that donate to the different organizations she is a part of, she loves to tell jokes, and she happens to be a porn star. As you can already guess, I want her to be my BFF. In this interview, I show you yet again, another side of an adult film performer's life. And Miss Alexa Aimes is definitely not your average performer.

Alexa starts how by talking about her emancipation her job as a CNA, and what drove her to two majors. Then we get into her fears of death and why she wants to do everything she’s ever wanted to do while she can. She believes that people cannot truly be happy doing the same thing over and over again and that everyone should try something new as often as possible. Sound familiar?

We talk about some of the various charities she works for such as This group produces a peanut butter high in lipid fats that many South Africans have to eat to survive. Then there is the Fred Jordan Mission. They run a homeless shelter and food kitchen in the infamous "skid row" of Los Angeles. Lastly, there is a clothing company with the slogan "I'm a Dirty Model," that run frequent fundraisers and donates a care-bag to homeless shelters whenever someone buys one of their items. Alexa also will send anyone a free-autographed picture (including shipping and handling) to anyone that proves they have donated to an organization. Doesn’t even have to be the ones she works with.

Alexa and I then get into one of my favorite subjects, comedy! One of the other awesome things this chick does is dapple in the stand-up comedy arena. So, she talks about her first show and how stand-up is not meant for everyone. There’s a huge difference between someone having "funny" life experiences and telling stories at a party compared to genuinely being funny and being capable of doing stand-up. Every real comedian knows this, and so do we. Alexa and I also talk about the awkward years of puberty, kidney stones, and why bleaching of the naughty parts are necessary. She is an amazing and hilarious woman, and you will be seeing a lot more of her!


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