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The mainstreaming of sex shaming sex workers

Sex shaming is officially mainstream. I mean, it always has been; it has just been one of those things that is a constant pain, but a bearable one. Every once in a while, Jezebel will post an article how they were outraged about so-and-so’s behavior, but then quickly move onto things like James Franco’s paintings of Seth Rogen, but this is something that cannot be ignored.

When banks and businesses start closing accounts and turning their backs on sex workers because the Department of Justice is making them, solely because of their job makes them "at risk" for illegal activity, something is seriously wrong, and it needs to be addressed.

The shaming of sex is physical proof of the hypocrisies most people hold within our society, mainly because it’s something we all do (or will do sooner or later). It is how we are all here. If it weren’t for two people screwing, you and I would not be here. There is no going around this. I’ve said it before because it’s a fact; selling sex is one of, if not the oldest professions known to humans. It is the basic economics of supply and demand.

If there were not a demand for something, there would be no supply. So, how can something with one of the most demanded products of man (and women), also be one of the most shamed and almost hated products at the same time? Without being considered hypocritical? And why is the Department of Justice involved, making banks and other businesses do this? Doesn’t seem very American to me.

Let’s take Chase Bank, for example. This is one of the largest financial powers in the world. Heck, JP Morgan is rumored to have started the Great Depression, so this is not a little Ma and Pa shop. Why in the world did they "all of a sudden" decide that adult film performers and webcam models are "at risk?" Since when does an institution such as JP Morgan Chase NOT want someone’s money?

That is all they know, they don’t actually have morals; they are a bank. Apparently the Department of Justice will hand out fines to anyone that doesn’t shut down "at risk" accounts. Chase is afraid of the Department of Justice? Really?

And now is going to be shutting down adult film performer’s and webcam model’s "wishlists" because they assume men are buying women gifts as a form of payment for sexual services. I’m not sure when a couple pictures, DVDs, maybe a custom video were considered "sexual services" instead of a trade, but the way they write the laws the days, it can get real tricky. Throughout our entire childhood we were taught that if we do something, we could get rewarded.

Isn’t that what the wishlists are for? So, it’s totally OK for "Pam" to buy "John" a new tie because he’s a good assistant, but if someone like Cece Stone sends a guy an autographed picture and a DVD, and said guy buys her a present off of her wishlist, that’s a form of exchanging gifts for sexual favors? 

When the Department of Justice is forcing big names such as Chase Bank and to publicly discriminate against sex workers, how is society not going to shame people for sex? How is possible that there is so much violence, hate, rage, and rape on mainstream TV and in feature films, but Janet Jackson’s nipple slipping through was the most shameful thing on TV? Or, two homosexuals wanting to get married freaks people out, but watching someone’s head get blown off is totally cool?

We as a society need to stop making exceptions for ourselves. The Virgin Mary was actually a whore and Eve ate the apple, and liked it. It’s time we stop punishing women for something that could have or could not have happened (definitely did not happen, but for the sake of argument) millions of years ago.

We all love sex, we all need sex, our species can’t survive without it. There is a very large demand for sex and sexual type things. Why doesn’t everyone start being more open and honest about his or her sexual desires? There are really only four types of people that shame others for sex; people that are not getting any, people that are not getting enough, people that are not getting it from whom they want to, and people that are a confused about their sexuality.

Which kind of sex shamer are you? It’s time we start catching up with our evolution. It’s 2014 and we have been doing nothing but going backwards when it comes to human rights. Groups trying to shame and ultimately control people because they’re different, that doesn’t sound like 2014; that sounds like 1914.


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